Rule #1 – Communication

Good communication is a weapon and is one that should be abused. Games are won and lost by good or bad communication. In the past we have played against statistically better opponents but prevailed because our team had better call-outs. Knowing where a bad guy is and what kind of weapon he is using can save lives and matches, so be kind and tattle.

If you’re unsure of what kind of information to share I’ve decided to make a list. Always communicate:

  1. Your location
  2. Your location in relation to your teammates
  3. Your location in relation to the other team (flanking situations)
  4. The location of an enemy (even blips on the radar or thinking you heard footsteps)
  5. An enemy’s location in relation to a teammate
  6. What kind of weapon an enemy is using (shotgun, sniper, golden gun etc..)
  7. When you are taking a point
  8. When the other team is taking a point
  9. How many enemy players are on a point (good super opportunity?)
  10. That heavy ammo is coming up
  11. That heavy ammo is up
  12. If you’re covering their heavy ammo
  13. If they were able to get their heavy and how many got it
  14. The fight you and your significant other are having because you forgot to close your mic
  15. When you’re going to super (so your team can stagger supers)
  16. That you made x amount of orbs (so your team can get more supers)
  17. When an enemy super’d (mainly just Bladedancer or Golden Gun)
  18. When you need help
  19. When you no longer need help
  20. When an enemy is nearing a location
  21. When you eliminated the threat
  22. When you die
  23. By who, what and where you died
  24. If the enemy team is trying to spawn flip you
  25. The make up sex you and your significant other are having because you forgot to close your mic
  26. Everything else

TL;DR? I’ll summarize… Share everything.

Most people when first learning to use callouts will share inefficiently. Over time you will learn to tighten up the information so you can get it out quick and leave the com lines open for others to use.


Rule #2 – Map Control

For centuries battles have been decided by who holds the superior positions. Every battlefield, virtual or not, has high ground and choke points. This is especially true in Destiny. It is up to you and your teammates to take and control these. Doing so will give you the upper hand for the rest of the game.

Explaining what zones to hold and where exactly to control them from is beyond the scope of this article, so instead I am going to just list some of the more basic tips and come back later with more advanced guides for individual maps.

  1. Hold two (and only two) control points. Unless it’s 6 on 1, there is no reason to try to capture and hold all 3 points. This stretches out the team and prevents the formation of a defensible line.
  2. On certain maps it is possible to see two capture zones from one location. If used correctly, these can be a very powerful spots to leverage with a single player.
  3. On some maps it is better to hold a line in front of the capture zones because the choke points are forward. Other times it is safer to stand back behind the zones and let the bad guys come to you. Know which is which.
  4. If you push up to far into the enemy controlled area they will spawn behind you. This can be a major setback and ruin momentum. Dont be that guy. (I hate that guy.)
  5. Every map has a strong side and a weak side. Learn what your team prefers and do your best to hold it.
  6. Spawn flipping is key and often necessary. If your team has the weak side sometimes it is better to ignore the points so you can push forward and force them to trade spawns.
  7. You should actively try to prevent the enemy from spawn flipping you. Fall back and kill the dude who just sprinted past your entire team.
  8. You can prevent accidental spawn flipping too. If you see a teammate charging forward because he popped his super and didn’t want to waste it…fall back to your spawn. If you catch it fast enough the enemy can’t spawn there or you at least will have the jump on the poor soul who did.
  9. Control the heavy ammo. Some maps make this easier than others but victory will come quicker if you can get both Heavy Ammo spawns or at least eliminate those who took it.
  10. Use call-outs. Name areas on the map or learn what your team uses. It will make communication easier and faster.


Rule #3 – Don’t Die

Getting kills is important: if you get enough you win. Dying is bad: if it happens too much you lose. It seems straight forward but there must be something lost in translation because I always have teammates running in and needlessly dying over and over. (CR4SHED does this a lot just to bother me.)

Destiny’s control playlist is different than other games. In other first person shooters, simply controlling the points will score points over time and win you the game. In Destiny, they serve more as multipliers. That means that no matter the gametype, kills are the only way to win, control zones just add more points per kill. So running in and dying too many times can and will lose the game for your team, even if you hold more points. Here are a few tips to try to prevent unnecessary deaths…

  1. If you want to take a point wait for your team to provide back up and cover before you make your assault.
  2. Take your time and pick your fights. In a close game one death can determine the winner so be safe and don’t take any unnecessary risks.
  3. If your health is in the red after a battle take a second for it to come back.
  4. It’s OK to run from a fight if you know you’re going to lose. If I miss my first two shots/bursts/whatever but I take damage, I will retreat until I recover.
  5. When heavy comes up assume they will also have rockets and MG’s.
  6. Never bunch up for more than a few seconds. A group of enemies is fun to super, so don’t be that group.
  7. Don’t stop strafing. When in a firefight movement can save your life.
  8. Control the choke points and know where to expect enemies. Holding the “higher” ground will massively cut down on your deaths.
  9. Reload. Don’t get caught without any rounds ready. Make sure after a firefight you immediately reload. In an emergency melee, sprinting or jumping can cancel a reload.
  10. Remember rules #1 and #2 from earlier. Following them will also cut down on deaths.

You can get by with only skill if you are good enough but using all three rules together can make a good team great, and a great team unstoppable. All the rules go hand in hand. Using one will help with the other. That’s synergy.


Bonus Tips

Heavy Ammo

  1. Every member of your team will get a heavy ammo drop if they are close enough to the crate when it is opened. Find a balance between waiting for more friendlies and staying on the move.
  2. You can get the heavy ammo drop from behind certain walls and on the second story of some maps. If you spawn and don’t have time to run all the way around before your team takes it, hug a wall to minimize your straight-line distance.
  3. If someone dies with heavy ammo, they lose that ammo forever. But it will show up on the map for the one who killed them.
  4. If you are near the heavy ammo crate but a few steps away you won’t pick it up right away. I like to wait to pick it up until after the first rush of enemy heavy so I don’t immediately get killed by rockets and hand more ammo over to the enemy.
  5. Once a brick of heavy ammo drops for you it will stay on the map until you pick it up. So be patient – If you still have heavy ammo, don’t go picking up more. You can save it for your next life.
  6. Heavy spawns every 3 minutes in the same two or three locations.
  7. Some boxes you can snipe or super from safe locations. Cover it and kill bad guys until your team can collect.