(The Panic Attacks Perpetual Explanatory Rant, Blog And Gossip)

Crota has been released and defeated, there are whispers of a GTA TPA resurgence and in total, only one game of Halo has been played. All in all it has been a pretty fun month or so in gamingverse. The clan is still being built up, just with a slight delay because of our current position on the calendar but with that being said there have been some recent developments…so without further ado….updates.


In Halo, TPA promotions were given out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it was for a specific job like web management and other times it was just because a player had been around forever and was skilled. We want to keep things tight, organized and ever evolving. So instead of the rank of being handed out as a trophy, staff positions will be tied to specific jobs. Currently we only have a need for a small handful of jobs but as we grow there will be new positions that will need to be filled. So if you have interest in helping the clan down the road, keep your eyes on the forums and we’ll keep you up to date on any major developments!



RKnapp joined TPA as a lowly level 9 (I’m guessing) and now has all the raid gear (don’t fact check me). After you’re done being jealous of all his new duds congratulate Rob jr as our newest member.


CR4SHED and Haphazard Agent have been members for years and they have finally decided to grow up and take on more responsibility in a video game clan. All joking aside, all the extra work they do for us does not go unappreciated so please put your hands together for our new Website Manager and Recruitment Officer. Welcome to adulthood…finally.


The leaders lounge was getting a little dirty so we decided to promote ALDINGAR (formerly ZER0RIDRE) so we had someone to clean up the mess. He made it easy because despite always claiming he hated being a raid leader he still does it (even when we ask him not to). So give it up to the man willing to work two jobs, plan a wedding and still find time to get on and take out his stress on us (applause?).

That is it for now Attackers. We have more things cooking so stay tuned and don’t panic.