Battlefield 4, like the Battlefield’s before it, involves a lot of killing dudes. And so does it’s achievement list. The campaign’s scoring system rewards the extreme styles of play, either playing slow and getting headshots, or playing really fast and getting multikills. The latter is easier.
You’ll also have to kill dudes in various, unique ways during each campaign mission, so review those before you start. When you’re not killing dudes, keep an eye (and ear) out for the many collectibles. Then get on multiplayer and kill more dudes.
At the time of writing, there is a bug that may reset your campaign progress if you switch to multiplayer. You’ve been warned.



Keep these overarching achievements in mind as you progress through the campaign.

Above and beyond the call (25)
Complete all Assignments in the Campaign
There are 27 campaign assignments, which can be viewed from the Main Menu > My Soldier > Awards > Assignments. To unlock all of the assignments you must:

  • Complete all seven of the campaign missions with a gold medal, and
  • Experience all three of the possible endings (by replaying the final mission and choosing different options at the finale).

Full arsenal (65)
Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign
There are 35 collectibles to find.* 19 Dog Tags and 16 Weapons scattered throughout the campaign missions, their locations are detailed in the next section of the guide.

  • Dog Tags make a metallic rustling sound when approached, and are usually hanging on a knife stuck into something. (Picking them up unlocks a tag for use in multiplayer).
  • Weapons are found sitting in particular spots each mission, and unlock once picked up. They can then be equipped at weapon crates.
  • *Note that new weapons picked up from fallen enemies also count towards this achievement, although they are not tracked in the pause menu like the unique weapons are.

This achievement may not unlock immediately. Once you have all assignments and collectibles, try loading a new campaign mission and it should unlock.

Tombstone (25)
Complete the Campaign on Hard
The Hard difficulty in BF4 is much more forgiving than many other shooters. If you get stuck, remember the basics… Move from cover to cover and minimize your exposure. Be prepared to drop down and regain health. Stay back and utilize the right weapon for the job. Take advantage of your RB;  for both surveying with binoculars and calling in help from your squad. You’ll also unlock…

Wolf (25)
Complete the Campaign on Normal

Fish (20)
Complete the Campaign on Easy



Scoring Guidelines

During the campaign you will gain score based on kills and the manner you go about getting them. Each of the seven missions has an achievement for finishing with a score slightly above gold-medal requirements.

There is also an achievement for a particular challenge in each of the first six missions. The final mission has four achievements unlocked by experiencing all three of it’s possible endings.

In general, the scoring achievements aren’t difficult to attain if you minimize your use of the engagement command, so that your allies don’t steal kills away from you. Take your time to get headshots or multi kills when possible. Scoring is not affected by your difficulty, so playing on an easy will allow for a more score-centric play style.

100 Kill
100 Vehicle Destroyed
50 Squad Kill
+25 Headshot / Melee
+25 Adrenaline Kill (With under 1/3 health)
+50 Kill streak (Multiple kills without receiving too much damage?)
+100 Multi Kill (Bonus per kill in very quick succession)



01: Baku

Dunn’s pride (25)
Obtain 7 000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign
Remember to minimize use of your squad and take those points for yourself. Use your DMR for headshots, and hit incoming trucks with explosives for multi kills.

Well placed (20)
Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign
You can first equip C4 from the gadget stash just before exiting the school. Get your first four kills by stealthily placing C4 behind the first group of enemies you come to around the ruins. Blow the explosives and immediately sprint forward to meet the incoming transport truck, throw C4 at the back where the troops jump out for another three kills. Try to have seven kills by the time you cross the yard and go through the drain pipe to the next area. Restock your explosives in the drain and immediately run outside. There are a few sections of pipe ahead of you and to the left. If you wait in the last one, another truck will pull up right beside you allowing for an easy three kills. Enemies soon gather at a choke point near the entrance to the tower. Flank from the right and throw explosives behind the barricade if you still need a few kills.

Collectibles in Baku

  • At the beginning of the mission, after running up a few flights of stairs, there is an open door to a classroom on your right. The Nice Play tag is just through the door.
  • After regrouping with your squad you will engage some enemies and then drop down into the atrium. There is a balcony on the NE side of this room (the same one you just dropped down from). The M39 EMR is in an overturned locker in the center.
  • After leaving the atrium your squad will drop down through a hole in the floor. Do not follow them yet. Carefully skirt along the left side of the hole and jump over the locker to find the One Way Trip tag.
  • After progressing outside you will be attacked by a buggy with a mounted gun. Just west of where the buggy crashes is a series of large pipe segments. The MG4 is inside the second one.
  • After crossing the yard and going through the drain pipe you’ll emerge into the factory area. On either side is a tall catwalk. Take the western catwalk and stop where a bridge of scaffolding connects on your left. The CBJ-MS is in the middle of this scaffolding.
  • After the building collapses but before you enter the car look in the cockpit of the burning chopper for Sergeant Dunn‘s dog tags.


02: Shanghai

A one-man riot (25)
Obtain 11 000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign
There is a lot of close quarters combat here, and a number of opportunities to get multi kills as detailed below. You can expect an extra 1000 points at the end for taking out a few tanks. Alternatively, you can also go slow and just focus on headshots as usual.

Wrecker (20)
Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign
Playing on an easier difficulty makes the Wrecker achievement notably… easier. Multi kills must be done in very quick succession. With a few checkpoint restarts, you can get one the first time the elevator door opens on the wrong floor, and another if you sneak up on the first group of enemies after the weapon crate. In the next section, attempt to get kills with your gun (I prefer using the UMP you start with) that coincide with the explosion of your grenade which you threw a moment earlier. When preparing for your defense, place claymores in walkways underneath the balcony for a few more. Continue utilizing your grenades as often as possible, and try to have six or more multikills by the time you head back down from the roof. After clearing the first group of enemies at the base of the tower a helicopter will drop off more in the center of the pond – so throw a grenade where they land. A few more groups of enemies to grenade/shoot are waiting in the alleyways as you run from the tank. You need to have at least eight multikills by the time you exit the alley. You can expect two final multikills at the end of the mission when destroying a few tanks.

Collectibles in Shanghai

  • While your squad unlocks the first gate you come to, head down the alleyway to the west. Stay to the left and you’ll eventually come to A One-Man Riot dog tag hanging on a door.
  • After exiting the elevator, turn around to see the Going Up? dog tag hanging directly above the elevator door.
  • In this same area, you will come around the corner and see a lone enemy walking out from a storage room. The QBS-09 is behind a pile of boxes within this storage room.
  • After reaching the roof and returning to the ground floor, you will be in the main lobby of the building. There is a statue in the center, and underneath it the RFB.
  • While running in the alleyways away from the tank, you will come to a small courtyard with two trees and a red neon sign. The Business Casual tag is behind a gate in the NW corner.


03: South China Sea

Terror of the deep (25)
Obtain 11 000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign
Make sure you also rack up as many vehicular multi kills as possible while piloting the attack boat. Equip an RPG-7V2 and use it to one-shot choppers at the end of the mission.

Blood wake (20)
Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign
After the ship breaks in half and you jump onto the deck, start trying to kill every enemy with a headshot. Engagements are at closer range than usual, so you can get away with using an accurate assault rifle if you don’t want to stay farther back with a DMR or sniper rifle. Even if you’re not going for points, minimize use of the engagement command until you get the headshots you need. If you still haven’t gotten the achievement near the end of the mission, allow the transport helicopters to drop off their soldiers for a few extra opportunities.

Collectibles in South China Sea

  • At the beginning of the mission, walk down the hallway and enter a bunkroom on the right. The Carcharodon dog tag is hanging in one of the bunks.
  • After entering the sinking ship, follow Kovic to a dead end where the P90 sits on a crate. Do this before opening a set of double doors to continue.
  • After dropping down the hatch and swimming underwater, you will find the Lord of the Waves tags ahead of you and to your left after you swim through the last door but before you climb out.
  • After the ship breaks apart and you jump down onto the deck, you can fall down a “trench” on the left to the lower level. The U-100 MK5 is down the hallway farthest East.
  • After returning to your ship, you will have a firefight in a hanger bay containing three planes. One of them has it’s rear hatch open. The SPAS-12 is inside.
  • After finding Hannah and exiting outside, head to the north end of the ship. Agent Kovic‘s tags are in a wrecked chopper.


04: Singapore

Storm bringer (25)
Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign
Stay ahead of your teammates and get headshots at the start of the mission. Try to hold onto your tank as long as possible after taking control of it. It’s health regenerates slowly while you’re not taking damage. Utilize your thermal vision (LT) and blow stuff up from long range.

War turtle (20)
Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign
Shortly after gaining access to your tank you will come across the first gadget stash from which you can equip the RPG-7V2. Continue to drive forward in your tank and then hop out when an RPG kill presents itself. You can soften stronger enemy vehicles with a shot from your tank before finishing it off with your RPG. If you focus on RPG kills whenever practical and keep your ammo stocked up, the achievement can unlock before you leave the parking garage. If not, there is a gadget stash in the center of the park you come to next (although there are many tanks here) and a final stash once you reach the large hangar at the end of the mission.

Collectibles in Singapore

  • To the SW of where you land on the beach is a white sailboat. The Horizontal Rain dog tag is stuck into the ocean-side of the boat.
  • At the point you are given control of the tank, you should be near some scaffolding underneath the giant bridge. Walk up the ramp to the first level and follow the path around to the left to find the SCAR-H SV.
  • When your tank is blocked in the parking garage, exit and head up to the roof. Go to the NW corner and jump from the crates onto the small overhang surrounding the tall building. Skirt around the edge until you find the M240B on the western side.
  • Shortly after being forced to leave your vehicle you will drop through a broken window and into a lounge. The Armored Column dog tag is behind the bar to your right.
  • After infiltrating the small hangar your squad will position themselves in a storage room. There is a stack of boxes in the south corner of this room. Use explosives to clear the boxes and you’ll be able to grab the M16A4 leaning in the corner.
  • In the center of the large hangar is a passenger jet. The Grounded dog tags are stuck into the north side of the jet where the wing meets the body.


05: Kunlun Mountains

Gladiator (25)
Obtain 12 000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign
This one cuts it close, as there are a limited amount of enemies and you are forced to make due with less-than-ideal weaponry at the beginning. As usual, avoid having your allies do any work for you, and get headshots as often as possible. There are a few vehicles you can take down at the end (grab an RPG from the gadget stash near the bridge).

Shawshank (20)
Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign
There are seven enemies to melee in the first section of this mission – more than enough to get the achievement right off the bat. Stay low and avoid the search light (it makes you easier to be seen). One enemy is at the foot of the stairs, another just outside the door, and a third further along the outside wall of this room. There are two guards who patrol the inner raised area, and two more in the tower itself – one at the top of the steps, and a final one pacing in the center control room. Note that these don’t have to be stealth kills, so you can just run up and shank enemies in an emergency.

Collectibles in Shawshank

  • You will regroup with Irish and a few other prisoners in a locker room. In the NE of this room is a dark cell. You can reach the Cage Fighter tag through the cell door. It’s stuck in the wall by the bunk bed.
  • After taking the elevator up you will turn a corner into a very large hall. Find a way up to the catwalks and look for an electrical box on the north wall. The At Any Cost dog tag is hanging on the box near the entrance to a stairwell. It is just past the pillars marked “A2”.
  • After exiting outside, you will have to cross a bridge. Take the catwalk underneath the bridge to find the 338-Recon in the center.
  • Before getting on the cable car, go underneath the boarding platform and look down over the edge. The Shaw-Shanked Redemption tags are stuck in the foundation in the center.


06: Tashgar

Demolition man (25)
Obtain 15 000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign
This is a long range map, so rack up some headshots. There are also a number of vehicles to destroy with various types of explosives.

Infiltrator (20)
Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign
Any kill you get while under 1/3 health (your screen will be bloodshot) counts as an adrenaline kill. Allow an isolated enemy to damage you while keeping an eye on your health. As soon as you drop below 30 or so, get your kill(s) using a powerful weapon like a shotgun before recovering. Depending on your difficulty, you may be able to do this surrounded by more than one enemy. After taking out the armored vehicle, the first area in this mission is a good place to get the required kills before moving on.

Collectibles in Tashgar

  • After opening a door to the first outside area, you should see a blue building to the north. Go to the roof of this building and then jump off the NE side onto another roof. The A-91 is to the right.
  • After passing through the two large archways you will enter a park. From the entrance of the park head NW and you should come to two rusted-out cars near the waterfront. The M249 is on the ground near the first car, behind a tree.
  • In the next area (there is a firefight already taking place) head north and up the zig-zag staircase to the roof of this building. There is an AEK-971 leaning up against some crates.
  • There is a blue truck parked beneath an archway on the west side of this same building. Use explosives to destroy the trailer, and you’ll find the Destruction Enthusiast dog tags inside.
  • After you find a way over the fence and drop down onto the dam itself, take the high road on the left which leads to a small building. From the roof of this building, jump east onto a small platform. The Upstream Swimmer tag is stuck in the plywood at the end of it.


07: Suez

Guardian of the fleet (25)
Obtain 6 000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign
This is a fast-paced mission, but remember that you can still scout with binoculars and, if you’re quick with a DMR, get headshots as you move along. It is also important to keep grenade launchers on hand to take out opportune clusters of enemies and to take out the first helicopter that attack you during the mission. You can find a rocket launcher in a gadget stash further down the deck.

Collectibles in Suez

  • After the initial engagement, you should come to a plane sitting on the west side of the carrier (it also appears on the map). The Rebel dog tag is stuck in the tail of this plane. To get on top of it, you’ll need to jump onto it’s propeller.
  • Just north of this same plane is a pile of burning wreckage. The AK 5C is in the embers at the end.
  • After reaching the med bay, you can enter a curtained-off area to the right. The Fleet Guardian dog tag is in the hospital bed.
  • At the end of the mission, you must make a choice to complete the game and unlock one of three remaining dog tags. Irish‘s tags(give the C4 to Irish) Hannah‘s dog tags (Give the C4 to Hannah) or PAC‘s dog tags (don’t do anything).

At the end of the final mission you will have three options. You will have to complete the mission three times in total, picking a different option each time to unlock the additional achievements (and the dog tags that go with them).

For tombstone (20)
Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign.
Don’t give the C4 to either squadmate. (Assignment: To Valhalla)

For the people (20)
Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign
Give the C4 to Irish. (Assignment: Final Duty)

For the cause (20)
Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign
Give the C4 to Hannah. (Assignment: Peace Maker)

Patience is a virtue (20)
Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign



There are five achievements to unlock in BF4’s multiplayer mode. They are cumulative across your entire career.

Be a team player and focus on the objective rather than on these achievements, and they will come with time.

Turn around… (10)
Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer
After a successful knife kill you will take your victim’s dog tags. Know the enemy’s position and flank. This will be easier on smaller, close proximity maps like those you play in Team Deathmatch.

Won them all (10)
Win a round of each game mode
Play as a team and play for the objective! You will need a victory ribbon from each of the seven base game modes:

  • Conquest
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Obliteration
  • Rush
  • Squad Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Defuse

.45 old school (25)
Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer
The M1911 is the 8th unlock in the “sidearm” progression. Get in the habit of switching to your sidearm when out of ammo or if a close-range fight is around the corner. You can also equip this weapon by picking up someone else’s kit, or purchasing the “Handgun Shortcut” from the DLC store.

Bomb squad (25)
Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration
You must plant the bomb at the enemy’s base and destroy the objective five times while playing Obliteration. This is deceptively difficult due to the chaos that typically ensues during this game type. Using the server browser, you can join a server with a lower number of players. This will give you a better chance of being the bomber, at least until that server fills up. You can check your progress by viewing your Bomb Delivery Ribbons in your Awards.

Call me “Sir” (50)
Reach rank 25.
Don’t play for XP, play to win and the XP will follow. Remember the objective, play in a squad and utilize your gear to support your teammates. Find a loadout and gametype that compliments your style of play. Remember to spot enemies with RB and use your XP Boosts from the pause menu.


Don’t worry about it.

These achievements will unlock through natural game progression, or by finding all the collectibles as detailed in the guide above.

Fishing in Baku (20)
Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign

Wolves in sheep’s clothing (20)
Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

The fall of a Titan (20)
Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

Braving the storm (20)
Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign

Dead by dawn (20)
Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

Antediluvian (20)
Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

Guns at dawn (20)
Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign

Stumbled over it (20)
Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign

It was on the way… (20)
Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign

Took a casual look around (20)
Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign

Done some searching (20)
Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign

Methodical search (20)
Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign

No stone left unturned (20)
Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign

Every nook and cranny (20)
Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign

Recon (65)
Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign