Two BRs Are Better Than One

From the Archive: Originally posted by NoFXRaven April, 2007

The competitive Halo 2 world revolves around one weapon, the BR. It is such a beautiful weapon, capable of battle at any range, and having a solid BR is the first step into MLG type games. It’s a 4 shot kill provided the last shot goes in the dome, which creates many BR duels. So when you round a corner, you see an enemy and start firing at eachother. Now in this situation clearly the guy who got the first shot off has the advantage, as in order for him to lose he must miss a shot, and the guy who did not get the first shot has to depend on his opponent missing a shot, or pulling off a doubleshot. This means most BR battles between people of comparable skill level are going to be decided by one shot.

With most BR battles being determined by one shot, imagine if your team put a shot or two in everyone they saw every chance they got. Then you would be giving that 1-2 shot advantage to whatever teammate that might run into that enemy. Yeah, it’s XBL, and yeah, lag makes it hard to shoot across the map, but it wins games.

For example on midship, let’s say you just spawned in base in a game of CTF and see your teammates getting ready to mount a rush for their flag. Zoom in on their base and start taking shots at anyone in the base. Not only does this take down their shields a bit, but it also gets their attention on you. So now when your team rushes in, they see a guy with half a shield that isn’t even paying attention to them, rather than a full shield guy getting first shot on them.

Constant teamshooting serves multiple purposes. First it weakens the target, which has obvious advantages. Also it distracts them, making it easy for someone else to finish him. It creates a feeling of hopelessness, your enemy feels like they can’t spawn or do anything without being shot. They think you’re everywhere. Lastly it helps with map control, for example on Warlock there may be a guy posted on a platform able to shoot on 70% of the map. The second you start BR’ing him he has to get off the platform, surrendering his map control, and no longer able to shoot your teammates.

It’s so simple, yet so rare.

If you are supporting from a long ways away, or your connection sucks, it’s probably better to go for body shots and lead them a touch, because XBL just cannot handle long range BR’ing with a high degree of accuracy, and the body is much bigger target than the head (when I say body I mean chest/shoulder level) and let your teammate who is in close get the precise headshot. But of course if both their sheilds are down, you’d better be trying to get that headshot.

I know, you’re probably all thinking “dude, you’re just telling me to shoot people when I see them, no shit” which is exactly what I thought too, until I started watching gameplays (not montages) of pros. The videos I saw were so proactively shooting everyone I started to try it out. Going to a place with decent cover and a good view of the map, and everytime they peek out put a few shots into them AND call them out for teammates, soon cries of “Dude they’re EVERYWH-” came from the poor bastards as they ate 3 BRs.

A good way to monitor how you are at harassing with your BR is after the game take a look at your shots fired/shots hit. If it’s low compared to the rest, actively work on shootin everyone you see more, find good places to do it from, find where it doesn’t work from. If you had a very high shots fired/shots hit then keep that up and keep their team suppressed. You ring up valuable assists and inflict that horrible feeling of “anywhere I go I will be shot” on the other team.

While shooting everyone you see is a good start, it is just a start. As you play with familiar people and communication is going well you direct your fire on specific targets as needed. There is no substitute for solid communication, but I know there are always people on the team that just refuse to speak no matter how much you explain the function of the white button to them. While callouts might make teamshooting the most effective, be aware of your surroundings, keep an eye on your teammates icons to see if they light up red or yellow. Getting just one shot on the enemy he’s fighting could save his life, score a flag, or plant a bomb.

Teamshooting NOT shooting your team