Trials is one of those games that just feels good to play. Either that, or it feels excruciatingly frustrating. Tomato tomahto. There are some gimme achievements in this list, but most of these are fairly skill based. Play through the game and get comfortable on your bike. Then revisit the tracks you need to, finding squirrels, getting better medals, and so on. Completionists beware: The Is There Anything You Can’t Do? achievement is beyond difficult. Brace yourself.

Wax On, Wax Off (25)
Complete Training Program 2
After getting a few medals in the first Event, you’ll unlock the Arctic Open. Training program 2 is the first level of this Event and also unlocks a new bike, the Roach.

That’s Not Right! (25)
Get run over by your own bike
If you don’t get this accidentally, you can purposefully hit the ground while performing a trick where your bike is above and behind you. Try this during the Trick Master skill game at the end of the Cactus Challenge.

Leaving a Fine Lookin’ Fossil (25)
Hold a ‘Proud Hero’ pose to your demise, dressed in an Excavator outfit
In order to do this you must first complete the FMX Training Program (the 6th track in Urban Sprawl) and purchase a set from the Excavator outfit (first unlocked at level 14). Play any track and hold a ‘Proud Hero’ (bike upright and hold down with RS) as you crash. It helps if you fall into an out-of-bounds area that forces you to crash.

The Bike is Your Hula Hoop (20)
Score 20,000 points from one jump on an FMX track
The trick system in Trials Fusion is imprecise and frustrating. You will need to spend some time memorizing a handful of unique tricks (and easy combinations) before attempting this achievement. Urban Sprawl / FMX Training Program is a good place to practice. Take a look at this wiki article as a primer.

Although this can be done on any FMX track that has been unlocked, the Airtime track (in Skill Showcase) allows enough opportunity to build up a multiplier (to at least 7x) before giving you a large fan-propelled jump at the very end to perform your final combination of 2-3 tricks while flipping.

To build up your multiplier, perform different tricks (and hold them until the text turns orange) followed by a perfect landing. Controlling the trick and landing are more important than unnecessary flips!

Note that you must score 20,000 points from a single trick, not the entire event.

Scrooging Around (50)
Earn 24 Gold medals
You can view next-medal requirements on the track selection screen or pause menu of a track. Gold will require a limited number of faults and a time limit that requires you to keep moving forward. Naturally, the first 24 tracks will provide the easiest gold medal requirements. If you know you’re going to crash or not make a jump, quickly restart your checkpoint (B) instead of wasting time falling to the ground!

Quadratic (25)
0-fault Fusion Factory with the Quad Bike
After unlocking the TKO Panda at the beginning of the Cactus Challenge, return to the 7th track of the Arctic Open. Fusion Factory is a bit less forgiving when riding the heavier quad bike, but still not too difficult. Land level with the track and don’t be afraid to stop and back up in order to gain enough speed for the big jumps and loop.

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing (50)
Purchase the complete set of a fully upgraded outfit
You can view outfits for your rider in the Garage. Each standard outfit has three tiers, which can be purchased after unlocking them by leveling up. The ‘Contender’ outfit is the first to be fully unlocked, at level 50. Purchase all nine pieces of an outfit to unlock this achievement. Level up by acquiring medals and completing challenges.

I Like What You’ve Done There (40)
Post a time on another player’s created track
Simply select ‘Track Central’ from the main menu, then download and complete any track there.

The Fifth Key (50)
Use the Track Editor to find and pick up the ‘Fifth Key’ in the Fusion world
Start the editor by selecting Create from the main menu. Head to the west edge of the map to find a tall mountain in the center. Use A to drop a start and end point for a temporary track, and then press DPAD UP > Environment > Terrain modification > DPAD UP > Change Category to Holes > Change Decal to Crater 5 and use Y to place craters along the mountain ridge. You will eventually uncover a small golden key within the mountain. Press B to return to the standard cursor and select the key with A.

Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed (125)
Find all of the squirrels hidden within the first 8 Events
There are 20 squirrels hidden throughout various tracks in the base game. After completing certain actions or reaching a certain area in a track they will appear and you will be notified that the squirrel has been found. You can exit the track after this confirmation. You can see how many squirrels you’ve collected by hitting RB in main menu, although this will not show which tracks they were found on.

  1. Greenhorn’s Grove / Waterworks
    Partway through the the track you will jump onto a platform standing in the water which will fall over. After it falls, reverse back up and over it and ride down the ladder on it’s back side until your wheel touches the water. The sign on the platform should change to a picture of a squirrel. Complete the track and wait.
  2. Greenhorn’s Grove / Observatory
    After ascending the red-lined ramp you will approach a Slow Down sign. Go just past the sign and listen for a bell sound, then reverse all the way down and into the river you jumped over earlier.
  3. Greenhorn’s Grove / Cliffhanger
    After reaching the final checkpoint but before ascending the rock face to the finish line, reverse off the ramp behind you and fall into the middle of the road below. Wait a while and the camera should change as the day turns to night…
  4. Arctic Open / Ski or Ride
    Bail out (Y) on the second jump after starting this track and try to land in the open ski lift ahead. Once inside, the lift should start down the hill.
  5. Arctic Open / Shear Pressure
    Beneath the final jump of the track (you’ll see a Biotech Frontiers billboard) is a upwards facing pipe. Drop down into the gap onto the pipe and it will explode, propelling you upwards. Bail out at the top and hold forward, past the end of the track and into an ice cave at the far right. You’ll have to restart the track if you miss the explosion.
  6. Urban Sprawl / Skyscraper Showdown
    On the very last jump of the track, but before you pass through the finish line, bail out and hold forward and you’ll be intercepted by a passing hovercraft.
  7. Urban Sprawl / Park and Ride
    Near the beginning of the track you will come to a floating United Nations sign. Fall down into the center of the courtyard below and wait a moment.
  8. Urban Sprawl / Blimp My Ride
    Reverse at the beginning of the track and roll over the button to turn it green, then head forward to the edge of the first jump to turn these lights green, and reverse all the way back again onto a new platform where you’ll hear a sound indicating the squirrel signs have appeared. Collect at least 35 of these (you don’t need all of them) to reveal the squirrels once you pass the finish line. The signs disappear if you restart a checkpoint.
  9. Urban Sprawl / Marina Mania
    After getting the second checkpoint and dropping down onto the ground, roll backwards and bail out backwards so you flop over the barrier and land in the bushes underneath the walkway. A squirrel will pop out of the shrubbery.
  10. Cactus Challenge / Road to Ruin
    Near the landing point of the first large jump on this track is a hole in the ramp. Bail out and fall down this hole and the warning sign should change to a squirrel. Restart the checkpoint and continue to the next checkpoint, where a squirrel should pop out of the ground and cause you to crash.
  11. Cactus Challenge / Stormtrooper
    Ride until just before the second checkpoint (pass underneath the archway) and then reverse backwards underneath the start of the track.
  12. Cactus Challenge / Base Invader
    Immediately after passing the fourth checkpoint (after the loop) restart so you are sitting on the walkway. Drive forward and take the jump, then bail out and hold Y to grab onto the claw hanging from the ceiling ahead of you. Let go when it stops and ride the conveyor belt inward.
  13. Rainforest Rumble / Swamp Crash
    Reverse at the very beginning of the track and knock over the tree behind you. Continue on without faulting, and a log raft should appear under a gap where you would normally jump from a log to a fallen log. Drop down onto the raft.
  14. Rainforest Rumble / Temple Trouble
    You must roll over a series of buttons in this track to open this squirrel’s door. You cannot restart any checkpoint and the buttons won’t appear unless pressed in sequence. 1 is behind you at the start of the track (gain momentum by driving up the first incline and falling back down). 2 is at the top of the first incline. 3 is after a large drop and a bunny hop over the crumbling wall, at the lip of the next jump. 4 is now behind you as you roll back down. After making this jump onto the platforms, 5 is at the lip of this next jump. Hop over the containers and down into a ravine – jump up and out but only go far enough on this pillar to roll over button 6. Reverse back down into the ravine to roll over the 7th button and open a door revealing the squirrel.
  15. Skill Showcase / Rocky Road
    Between the 7th and 8th checkpoints is a small rock climb. Drive up the rock and bail upwards and backwards in order to land on a conveyor belt you just drove under. The squirrel will unlock after watching a short cutscene.
  16. Skill Showcase / Eco Park
    After the 5th checkpoint you will see a cactus growing out of a rock wall in front of you. Take the jump slow and bail out while holding Y to grab onto this cactus. After about 10 seconds you will be returned to the track. You must then complete the track without faulting, at which point you will “crash” and return to your original position again, having unlocked the squirrel.
  17. Skill Showcase / Cold Storage
    After landing on a box at the fourth checkpoint, reverse and bail out backwards while holding Y to grab onto a small chain hanging from the ceiling. Hold on until you get raised up and see the squirrels.
  18. Expert’s Club / Cave Dweller
    Immediately at the start of the track accelerate forward and then lean forward to balance on the pipe near the ceiling. After the elevator has fallen, reverse down onto it’s roof and then fall behind it to find this squirrel.
  19. Expert’s Club / Covert Ops
    Simply finish the track and wait a moment after falling into the pit.
  20. Expert’s Club / Jungle Gymkhana
    At the 2nd, 4th and 8th checkpoints you will be able to roll onto a button and rotate a small statue nearby. Each button can be used to change one of three rows, starting with the top one. Rotate the faces to be in this orientation by the third button:
    Red / Blue
    Green / Red
    Yellow / Blue
    A sound will play and the statue will lock in place. Continue on past the finish line and you should be transported inside the temple.


All Your Game Are Belong to Us (125)
Acquire the Trials Trophy
After you collect 110 medals, you will unlock the final track in the Expert’s Club Event – The Greater Crater. The Trials Trophy is awarded to you after completing this track.

The Full Cavity Treatment (40)
Complete all 3 Track Challenges on any track
Each track has 3 challenges to complete, viewable in the pause menu. They do not have to be completed in one run. Greenhorn’s Grove / Waterworks is probably the easiest track to complete three challenges on.

  • Full Throttle 1 – This is fairly easy, and can be done with the Baggie. Hold the throttle and don’t brake.
  • Greenhouse Effect – It helps to use the Pit Viper in order to stomp all four flowers. Reverse at the beginning of the track to roll over 1, and then go slowly down the slope after the first checkpoint for 2. Flower 3 is on the left side of the road you have to cross. You’ll then go through a puddle and up a climb, at the top of which is a rock that will fall if you touch it. 4 is underneath this rock – you must bunny hop over the rock without touching it and then go in reverse to stomp the flower.
  • Endo Guru – The third checkpoint is at the top of a ramp. Head down the ramp and lean forward to start an endo (wheelie with your front wheel). The challenge should pop up as completed if you manage to keep your rear wheel from touching on the way down. Otherwise, restart the checkpoint.

Unyielding III (75)
Complete all ‘Unyielding’ Track Challenges in the first 8 Events
Unyielding challenges require you to complete the track without leaning the rider. You can only use the throttle and brakes. You cannot fault. Holding the throttle and tapping the brakes will cause the bike to rotate forward. You will have to allow yourself to do back flips on occasion. Three base tracks have ‘Unyielding’ challenges…

  1. Greenhorn’s Grove / Turbine Terror (Baggie)
  2. Greenhorn’s Grove / Cliffhanger (Baggie)
  3. Rainforest Rumble / Bungalow Beach (Roach)

Full Throttle III (75)
Complete all ‘Full Throttle’ Track Challenges in the first 8 Events
Full Throttle challenges require you to complete the track while holding down the throttle and not using your brakes from start to finish. You cannot fault. Landing on your rear wheel will maintain speed, while rolling on your front wheel or backflipping off of jumps will allow you to slow down. Three base tracks have ‘Full Throttle’ challenges…

  1. Greenhorn’s Grove / Waterworks (Baggie)
  2. Urban Sprawl / Skyscraper Showdown (Roach)
  3. Rainforest Rumble / Tropic Storm (Roach)

Is There Anything You Can’t Do? (150)
Complete every Track Challenge in the first 8 Events
Completing all three challenges in every track in the base game is extremely difficult. The difficulty of the extreme tracks on their own, compounded with the requirements set forth by the challenges make this achievement unatainable by all but the exceptionally skilled and dedicated. Start at the beginning and work your way up. At the time of writing, this achievement unlocks based on the number of challenges you have completed in total. This number may or may not include DLC. There is a lengthy guide that can be found here.

Through The Fires of Hell (100)
Complete Inferno IV
After attaining 110 Medals and completing The Greater Crater you will unlock the Master’s Gauntlet. Inferno IV is the the second to last Extreme difficulty track in this event. You have a maximum of 30 minutes and 500 faults to complete a track. Here is a video that offers enough guidance to help you through.