It’s fast, it’s frantic, and there are giant robots in it. Even though there is a (I’m doing airquotes right now) “campaign”, there isn’t really a campaign. So you’re going to have to get competitive against your fellow man (or woman) for the duration of your Titanfall career. A lot of these cheevos will just come cumulatively from playing, quite a bit. Winning while you’re doing it will help as well, and having a good team helps with that. There are also a number specific challenges that you should review and keep in mind for when an opportunity arises out of the of wallrunny, robot squishing, titanfalling chaos that is this game.


The Titanfall campaign is played online as a rotation of multiplayer matches featuring certain scripted events. These achievements are awarded for playing and winning campaign matches. Progress made in the campaign also counts towards the non-campaign achievements.


  1. “The Refueling Raid”
  2. “The Colony”
  3. “The Odyssey”
  4. “Get Barker”
  5. “Assault on the Sentinel”
  6. “Here Be Dragons”
  7.  “The Three Towers”
  8. “The Battle of Demeter”
  9. “Made Men”

Once you have completed all maps as both teams, a quick play menu becomes available in which you can select a specific mission.

IMC Pilot (50)
Complete the IMC campaign
Completing all nine maps in the campaign as the IMC also unlocks the Stryder titan chassis.

Militia Pilot (50)
Complete the Militia campaign
Completing all nine maps in the campaign as the Militia also unlocks the Ogre titan chassis.

Frequent Flyer (50)
Play 50 Campaign matches
Win or lose, play 50 campaign matches. Remember that these count towards your unlocks and progress just like any other match. You can check your progress in the Xbox Achievement App.

IMC Elite Pilot (25)
Win every Campaign level as an IMC pilot
Make note of your wins/losses on each map and as which team, so that you know which ones to replay once the campaign quick play is unlocked. There is currently no other way to tell.

Militia Elite Pilot (25)
Win every Campaign level as a Militia pilot


Challenges / One-Offs

These achievements are for specific actions or challenges.


Like a Vacation (25)
Complete training
Upon first starting the game you are given the opportunity to play through a tutorial which involves basic mobility, weapon and combat scenarios. The training simulator can also be re-visited from the main menu.

Best in Class (25)
Finish as the best player on your team once
You’ll need to finish a match with the most points on your team. You can still be on the losing side. Remember, there are more ways of gaining points than just killing pilots.

Build Yourself (15)
Create a custom pilot loadout
Custom pilot loadouts are unlocked at level 5. The achievement will unlock as soon as you change something in a loadout.

Customize Your Ride (15)
Create a custom titan loadout
Custom titan loadouts are unlocked at level 10. The achievement will unlock as soon as you change something in a loadout.

Vortex Volley (15)
Catch a projectile shot from a vortex with your own vortex
The Vortex Shield is the default tactical ability available to your titan and used with the LB. Keep an eye out for enemy titans using there vortex shield, and get their attention shortly before activating yours.

All Charged Up (25)
Kill five enemies with one arc cannon shot
The arc cannon is a primary titan weapon unlocked at level 21. This can be done easily if you come across a group of minions grouped together, and fire a fully charged shot at one of them. Hang out near the enemy minion’s drop zone and zap them when they disembark.

Pull Harder! (25)
Kill an ejecting pilot with the plasma railgun
The plasma railgun is a primary titan weapon unlocked at level 12. It is a precision rifle capable of being charged up. Hang back when an enemy titan gets doomed, and hope the ejecting pilot doesn’t cloak. You will need to lead shots slightly.

Ride ’em Cowboy (25)
Rodeo-kill a titan
You will automatically initiate a rodeo by jumping onto a titan’s upper back. After removing it’s armor, you can begin damaging the titan (bypassing it’s shield) by firing at it with your primary or secondary weapon (using explosives will likely kill you). You must cause the titan to enter a doomed state – while it is being piloted. Remember to use your cloak on the approach and that switching to your secondary for that last bit of damage is quicker than reloading. The Spitfire LMG is one of the most effective rodeo weapons when equipped with the Hammer mod.

I Killed them All (25) [fa]
Kill all pilots during the evacuation single handedly
Short of a series of fortunate events allowing you to take down every member of the losing team, destroying the dropship before it jumps out of the map is the most reliable way to kill a large portion of the team. With coordination or luck, you can allow enemies to board the dropship. Once inside they cannot leave, which means enough focused firepower from a few Titans will bring it down. Whoever gets the last shot will be credited for the kills of all pilots inside!

Refuge (50)
Survive an evacuation
Should you be on the losing team at the end of a match, the game enters a sudden death mode and your HUD will be updated to show the location of a drop ship. You must make your way to the location and board the ship once it arrives. The enemy team can still destroy the ship itself with enough focused firepower. The achievement will unlock if you are on the ship when it successfully jumps into orbit. Don’t just focus on reaching the waypoint – be aware of your surroundings and enemies planning on cutting you off.



You will make progress on these achievements throughout your Titanfall career. Progress for many of these can be checked in the Personal Stats or Challenges section of the menu, as well as the Xbox achievements app.


Look Around (10)
Snap the necks of 10 pilots
A successful melee attack from behind an enemy pilot will result in a one-hit execution where you snap their neck. Knowing enemy positions and outflanking them will put you in position to make these kills, especially at the beginning of a match when most pilots are still on foot. You can check your progress in Challenges > Melee Kills > Head Turner (Unless you’ve regenerated).

My Robot Army (20)
Hack 20 spectres using the data knife
Holding X when near an enemy Spectre will result in your pilot using the data knife to reprogram the minion to follow you around and fight for your team.  Remember that that you are invisible to spectres when cloaked. The ‘Icepick’ kit halves the time it takes to hack. Unless playing the campaign, spectres won’t show up until the first titan falls.You can check your progress in Challenges > General > Making Friends (Unless you’ve regenerated).

Pull! (25)
Kill 10 ejecting pilots
As soon as an enemy titan enters a doom state, be ready to look to the sky and fire at the pilot ejecting upward in an attempt to kill them before they touch down. This is difficult if you are up close when the pilot ejects – you have a better field of view when farther away. Try using the chaingun (without the accelerator) on your titan from a moderate distance a prepare yourself once an enemy Titan is doomed. The Arc Cannon is also effective at closer ranges. This can also be done on foot. You can check your progress in Challenges > Mobility Kills > Gooser (Unless you’ve regenerated).

All the Cards (25)
Earn 500 burn cards
Burn cards are awarded for completing challenges (usually Tier 2 and above) or for match victory or successful evacuation. Your deck can only hold 25 cards, and you can’t earn more when it’s full, so use em’ up or discard them. You can check your progress in the Xbox Dashboard. You can expect to earn an average of 250 burn cards per generation.

Death from Above (25)
Kill five enemies by dropping a titan on them
After your build timer reaches zero, you can use the DPAD to mark a landing location in a sufficiently open area and at ground level. After 5 seconds, your titan will come crashing down, killing enemies on foot and dealing damage to enemy titans. This does not need to be done at once, and minions count – so call your titan down on groups of stationary grunts when the opportunity arises to unlock this quickly. The warpfall transmitter kit allows your titan to arrive a few seconds quicker than normal. You can check your progress in Challenges > Kills > Look out Below! (Unless you’ve regenerated).

Freerunner (25)
Wallrun for five kilometers
Titanfall is a game about mobility. If you’re not wallrunning, you’re not playing Titanfall to it’s full potential! The parkour kit allows you to wallrun longer. You can also try different controller layouts to make jumping easier. You can check your wallrun distance in Personal Stats > Distance.

Superior in Everyway (25)
Kill 1000 AI soldiers
The Grunts, Spectres and Marvins that populate multiplayer matches are generally no more than fodder, but they can be distracting enough to get you killed in numbers. Kill them when the opportunity arises and this will come with time. You can check your progress in Challenges > Kills. This is the sum of the top three (Unless you’ve regenerated).

Titanfall (25)
Call in your titan 25 times
Your build timer starts at a few minutes and counts down while playing as a pilot. You can call in your Titan using the DPAD once it reaches zero. You can shorten the build timer by damaging enemies. Most players should be able to call in at least one or two titans per match.

All the Hardware (50)
Unlock everything
Most of these will be unlocked by reaching level 49. You will then need to have complete the campaign twice, and finish up by getting kills with primary weapons (both pilot and titan). You can view your unlock progress in Personal Stats > Overview. You must unlock…

  • 31 Weapons (level up to 44)
  • 26 Attachments (complete weapon challenges)
  • 39 Mods (complete weapon challenges)
  • 6 Abilities
  • 22 Kits (level up to 49)
  • 3 Titans (complete the campaign as IMC and Militia)

Starting a next generation pilot will reset your progress towards this achievement.

I Like a Challenge (50)
Complete all challenges for a single weapon
Each weapon in the game has between one and seven challenges attached to it which can be viewed from the main menu. Sticking with your favorite primary pilot weapon will likely be the most effective way to unlock this, as well as net you a lot of XP in the process. Regenerating your pilot will reset your progress towards this achievement.

I’ve Seen it All (25)
Play every gameplay mode on every map

Gameplay modes:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Attrition
  • Pilot Hunter
  • Hardpoint
  • Last Titan Standing


  • Airbase
  • Angel City
  • Boneyard
  • Colony
  • Corporate
  • Demeter
  • Fracture
  • Lagoon
  • Nexus
  • Outpost 207
  • Overlook
  • Relic
  • Rise
  • Smuggler
  • Training Ground

Gen 10 (0)
Reach the highest pilot generation
XP earned during matches will progress your pilot up to a maximum level of 50. At this point you have to option to regenerate, similar to prestige mode in the Call of Duty franchise. Leveling up is relatively quick in Titanfall, especially if you pursue challenges. Regenerated pilots also earn XP at an increasing rate (up to 350% at Generation 10). Certain challenges must also be completed prior to regenerating subsequent times. Note that this final achievement is nothing more than a badge of honor – as it does not contribute to your gamerscore.

Halfway There (25)
Reach level 25

Maxed Out (50)
Reach level 50

My Generation (50)
Become a second generation pilot



These achievements are for winning matches. You can check your progress in the Xbox Achievement App.

With deceptively small matches of 6 vs 6, success in Titanfall depends heavily on individual teammates. Play in a group that will communicate and play for the objective every time.

Flag Runner (25)
Win 50 Capture the Flag matches
Reach the enemy’s flag as a pilot, and then rush back to your base on/in a titan. Have pilots stationed across the field from offense to defense.

I Wore ‘Em Down (25)
Win 50 Attrition matches
This is the one gametype where you should go out of your way to kill minions – they contribute to your score almost as much as a pilot does.

Pilot Hunter (25)
Win 50 Pilot Hunter matches
Your life matters more here. Be stealthy and play conservatively.

Captured Everything (25)
Win 50 Hardpoint matches
It will be vital to defend objectives once you take them. Be willing to leave your titan while you defend the indoor capture points.

I Stand Alone (25)
Win 50 Last Titan Standing matches
Flanking and positioning are very important here. Stick together and don’t get separated.