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GamerTag(XB1) Rank Joined Location Alias Status
CannabisaurusJr Founder/Leader Founder 2005 New York, NY Rob Active
Inden 1 Leader 2005 The Woods Luke Active
tpa Aldingar Leader 2007 Madison, WI “Al”/Jake Active
tpa Haphazard Staff 2006 The Woods “Jon” Active
CR4SHED Staff 2008 Medford, OR Ben Active
VIIIRane Staff 2007 Somes Bar, CA “Mike” Active
BeardedMountainman Member 2008 Somes Bar, CA Adam Active
Activistsky06 Member 2008ish Indiana Farsight Active
sevitankurak Member 2010 Orleans, Ca Beau beau Jr Active
Slightly Good Member 2005 Atlanta, GA pmpsrs1 aka Pimp Active
Fetal Farmer Member 2015 Ashland, OR “FF”/Fetal Active
SubdueOO Member 2007 Monterey,CA Subdue Active
TheKaruk1 Member 2015 The Woods Phil Active
TPA Phatdad Member 2005 The Sticks The Phatdad Active
Jobyn Member 2005 New Jersey? Jobyn Inactive
Rknapp3488 Member 2014 Iowa Rob Jr. Inactive
QuikSilVeR 32 Member 2015 Fort Myers, FL Quick/Tyler Inactive
N/A Member 2008 Keizer, OR Taylor Inactive
Malefacin Member 2008 Milwaukee, WI Mal Inactive
SpreeZ Member 2008 Medford, OR jake Inactive
CaLL Me GiL Member 2006 Northern Virginia Zach Inactive
Fatality0000 Member 2005 Madison, WI Chris Inactive
TPA Potts Member 2005 Shorewood, IL Douchie Inactive
Hakujin Kogeki Member     Horyparradin Inactive

Updated 02/11/2015