Getting hungry

Halo 5 is like a pizza, familiar but exciting. The people who cooked this pizza obviously know what they’re doing, and although most of it is delicious, some of the important parts are just empty carbs.

The campaign is great. The story isn’t. The campaign itself is exciting and cinematic, and provides a great platform for co-op. But playing the game on your own sheds light on the deflated storyline and terrible AI teammates that shame all of Spartan-kind like the soggy mushrooms that they are.

The other half of this pizza is the multiplayer, and that’s the good half. It’s a classic – extra pepperoni – that hearkens back to the previous generation of Halo multiplayer. There’s some sausage in there too; elements that speed up the game (like the mobility options provided by your jetpack) and the ability to aim down sights. Not everybody likes sausage, but it’s still meat.

Given that this year I am skipping the annual Call of Duty, these additions to the Halo hybrid allow it to fill a good sized gap in my stomach as a general-purpose competitive shooter.

The variety of maps and playlists at launch was lacking. Many games today have a bit of take-and-bake feel to them. But if 343 follows through on it’s promise to continue delivering residual breadsticks in the form of free updates, maps and game modes, Halo 5 is a meal that will be microwavable for days to come.


Shutting out them kids

Woot! Back to Basics!

An even playing field, with power weapons earned on map instead of through a long process of convoluted leveling and grinding. Thank you.
It’s nice to take a step back from Levels and Super Powers. I bought the game about a week after it came out. Had this been any other recent game, I probably would have had to log in and play alone for a fair bit of time in order to catch up to my friends and be in the same area of level/gear that they had acquired. Not the case with Halo 5, and thats a good thing. The popularity of Competitive Gaming and E-Sports is urging developers to make more balanced games. For the past decade the focus has been on individuality, customization, making your character unique from every other character. This is great in certain types of games but competitive multiplayer requires too much balancing and never quite achieves that even playing field that existed so perfectly in Halo 2. Well it’s back. And I like it. No golden guns, no air-strikes, just good old fashioned guns and headshots, and getting your ass kicked because the other players know the map, are more skilled (so-far), and are actually out playing you.

Warzone is actually quite fun once you can figure out whats going on, and DOES allow for a little of the verbally trashed system above with random rewards and weapons and “Req Packs” playing a factor, and it works fine.

Have not played the campaign at all, and probably won’t unless I do it co-op. Master Chief is the bad guy now? What? Shut up. I’ll watch Superman vs. Batman when it comes out thanks.


  • Why is Slayer and (“Dropzone” or “Breakout” or whatever the garbage), in the Arena playlist when they both have their own playlists? I like CTF and Objective type games, and i dont want to sit through 3 Slayers and a Breakout just to play one Flag game.
  • Dislike the Emblems and Colors and lack of “Clan/Spartan Co.” activities. Are we gonna get Spartan Co matches? I hope so.
  • I have never liked the Assault Rifle in Halo. At this point it’s here to stay though so better practice my “Spraying.”Overall, very excited about Halo 5, can’t wait to Big Team Battle, and I am optimistic we will see cool development in the future regarding clans and the like. Also, they say it will be free which is HUGE. Spartans, move out!


Wants his flag back

First impression: Cool menus. Terrible emblem design options, why the hell have they all sucked since halo 2 (3 was ok). I wish the coloring scheme wasn’t so fucking wonky just do it like the old games you jerks. Have a main, secondary and if you’re feeling fancy a fucking flair color or some shit. Why do games now feel the need to dictate my character designs? Quit locking me into color schemes that you created, I don’t like it and i think your taste is awful. If you were an interior decorator I would fire you and leave a scathing yelp review.

I got a new helm out of a “req” pack that I started with so that was neat and made me want to unlock more things.

First game: Fuck this. This is stupid. I don’t want to play search and destroy. I don’t know the map or the controls yet, this sucks this sucks this sucks.

Second game: Same map same game type, found a dmr………holy shit i’ve missed this.

I love the precision game play, where you can be hurt but just out skill someone and come out on top. Having no shield and landing a series of perfect shots then having the announcer yell out PERFECT and REVERSAL is pretty much the best thing ever.

The abilities are actually fun, I was concerned about this since it was such a departure from the normal halo structure. The fact that everyone has them helps but also because none of them feel super powerful.

I don’t like the playlists, wish they just had old school skirmish and then other things (slayer, big team etc…). Where is oddball? That was my favorite (only) thing about halo 4.

Warzone was meh, I could see it being really fun with a large group of friends and I like that it’s there because it might be good for people who are new or not the best at halo to play. You can contribute without the normal high reflex gameplay of arena. It seemed like the way to win is to actually use your req pack power ups, which is cool that it gives them meaning but I am obsessively frugal person and hate spending my resources even if I have 100 of those things that I never use…I may one day want all 100 for that perfect scenario.

I love the game and have missed this style of shooter. I got hit with some nostalgia arrows for sure. It’s a good buy if you like precision gameplay with the need for active teamwork and communication. If not you may still like warzone but this shouldn’t be a high priority for you.


Haphazard Agent

Who needs shields anyway?

What 343 did well:

  • Menu system is quick and intuitive
  • Party system works quickly
  • Equal starts
  • Weapons on map
  • New abilities are well balanced
  • Custom games

What 343 did not do well:

  • Spartan Companies aren’t integrated into the game properly
  • Emblem/armor coloring is too restrictive
  • Breakout is a shit game type and shouldn’t be mixed in with the objective playlist


The artist formerly known as Al


Thank you 343 for not making another game that was…BROKEN. With the disaster that was Halo 4, I took a long and hard look at 5 before I spent the money on it….and boy is it worth it.

Single Player:

Major Pros:

  • Multiple story arcs that mirrored each other, fantastic
  • I loved the helm view
  • The ability to have your NPC squad focus fire on a target.
  • NPC squad members have the ability to revive you.

Major Cons:

  • The story missions seemed short compared to the other Halos
  • The ending..”ok, srsly, we know there is going to be Halo 6″
  • The NPC squads, unless you micromanage them, just run around and get themselves killed.
  • The NPC squads trying to tell you what to do: “Ready to go commander?” Listen bitch, I’m searching for intel and skulls, so please stfu and wait for me until I’m done…kktyvm.


While I never really played much multiplayer in other the Halos ( I know, shame on me), Halo 5 completely reminded me of Halo and Halo 2, sitting in a basement with 4 friends arguing about someone screen looking while all 4 of us were on a single 32″ screen (I can’t believe I use to play games like that). Halo 5 ‘s multiplayer was refreshing. With so many games last year coming out completely broken, it’s nice to have a multiplayer game that actually works. Its a great change for me; instead of building the run and gun class (CoD), this game is about team work, controlling power weapons and “holding the line”.

The medals remind me of Unreal tournament 2004, but with more medals! And I love that someone yells them out, it gave me flash back to double kill, muli kill, mega kill, ultra kill, m-m-m-monster kill, ludicrous kill, and my favorite, “HOLY 5h17”. I do have to say, I wish there was a way to view medals in game other than going to One that thing that kind of surprised me was how little they did with the spartan companies on I felt like it was an after thought. Spartan companies should be more integrated into halo, while giving us a better way to set up clan matches. Hopefully we’ll see something in the updates to come.

Overall, I definitely recommend Halo 5.