Destiny is both a short sprint and a grueling marathon. No matter how you want to run it, many of these achievements will require many hours of play. But with a good group of friends and a sprinkling of completionism, those hours will fly by faster than you can say “I need vitamin D”.

I commend Destiny for it’s achievement list – there is a good mixture here of challenges and accomplishments involving all aspects of the game. Playing through the story and then taking some time in multiplayer will allow you to get most of these. But the last ones to unlock will require some random luck, dedication, and a decent amount of skill.

Some achievements have trouble unlocking immediately – if they should have popped up but haven’t, try going to Settings > Log Out > Switch Profile and then log back in.

Change of Heart (20)
Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid.
As you level up your character, you can activate upgrades by viewing their “Subclass” screen. You will eventually unlock more than one upgrade in a column that only allows one to be selected. (Like your second grenade at level 7). You can freely change between these, and the achievement should unlock the first time you do so. This also works on the upgrade grid of certain weapons (such as switching between available sights).

Ship Rite (20)
Rebuild a Jumpship.
This will unlock automatically at the end of the introductory mission.

Bane of the Emperor (20)
Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.
Most enemies (but not all) have certain weak points that can be hit for extra damage (you will see yellow damage numbers instead of white). Using an accurate weapon (such as a Scout Rifle , Hand Cannon, or Sniper Rifle) kill 25 of these enemies with the final shot being a precision one, without dying. This can be done in story missions, although you may have to backtrack to get enemies to respawn. It may be easier to accomplish in Patrol mode, in areas where enemies respawn infinitely.

You first encounter the juggernaut Cabal on Mars, which is the only planet they can be found on (Legionnaire, Centurion etc.). The Cabal give a satisfying pop and  spray black liquid when killed with a precision shot to the head. Mars > Meridian Bay > Scablands is a good place to attempt this in patrol mode.

Decryptologist (20)
Decrypt 25 Engrams.
Engrams are gear with special properties that are hidden and cannot be equipped until decrypted. Basic (grey) engram items can be decrypted in the inventory, while anything uncommon and rarer must be brought to the Cryptarch in the Tower where he will decrypt them for free. You can also purchase engram items directly from the Cryptarch. This is usually your first stop when returning to the Tower, and will come naturally.

Use of Weapons (20)
Dismantle 50 pieces of armor or weapons.
Excess gear can be dismantled from your inventory (at any time) by holding X. This is the only way to “sell” unwanted gear (other than storing it in your vault). In return, you’ll receive glimmer and for rarer items, materials. This achievement will come naturally.

The Life Exotic (20)
Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear.
Gear, in order of rarity: Standard (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Legendary (Purple), Exotic (Yellow). Exotic gear requires level 20 to equip and can be acquired in a number of different ways…

  • You can receive Legendary Engrams as drops or after-mission rewards in Patrol, Missions, Strikes, Raids or the Crucible. These have a less than 2% chance of being Exotic.
  • You can receive exotic gear outright at the end of high level Strikes, Raids, or the Crucible. The harder the better! (e.g. The Weekly Nightfall Mission)
  • There is a small chance that an “Exotic Bounty” will become available upon turning in another, completed bounty. Completing these multi-stage bounties will unlock a specific Exotic weapon.

The most reliable way to obtain exotic gear is to purchase it from the black market vendor. Xur, Agent of the Nine only appears on the weekend starting Friday morning, in a random shady spot somewhere in the Tower. He sells Exotic armor for 13 Strange Coins, Weapons for 23 Strange Coins, and Exotic Engrams for 23 Motes of Light. Note that the Engrams may not be usable by your character’s class.

Strange coins can be earned by completing the Daily and Weekly missions that become accessible from the main map screen at level 20. They can also be earned less consistently in the Crucible, and by decrypting Engrams.

Motes of Light are earned every time you earn enough experience after hitting level 20.

A New Steed (20)
Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle.
This should unlock when you acquire a Sparrow “thrust bike” at the beginning of Earth > Old Russia > The Warmind.

Suited for War (30)
Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear.
Purple Legendary gear, or engrams with the chance to be decrypted as legendary gear, start dropping after your character reaches level 18. They can also be purchased from merchants in the tower for Vanguard or Crucible marks which you will begin earning at level 20.  This will be attainable quicker if you purchase gear to fill in the gaps from different vendors using different currencies, such as the Black Market, Vanguard, and Crucible vendors. Note: You can only have two exotics equipped at a time – one weapon and one piece of armor.

Bane of the Kell (20)
Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.
The Covenant-like Fallen are the first enemies you encounter in the game (Dreg, Vandals etc.) The Fallen play an animation of wispy smoke when killed with a critical hit to the head. They can be found on Earth, Moon and Venus. Earth>Cosmodrome>Skywatch is a good place to attempt this in Patrol mode.

Lucky 7s (20)
Attain a Grimoire score of 777.
The Grimoire is a database made up of collectible “cards”. They unlock as you progress through the game and encounter new enemies, areas, weapons, etc. Certain cards have a value in the corner that will add to your score (which is viewable under your level on your playercard). This achievement will unlock once you reach a score of 777 or more, which should happen before you finish all of the story missions. You can view your Grimoire progress and statistics on

Bane of the Dead (20)
Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.
The creepy Hive enemies can be found on Earth and the Moon (Thrall, Acolyte etc.) The Hive appear to burn up when killed with a critical hit to the head. Earth>Cosmodrome>Skywatch is a good place to attempt this in Patrol mode.

Inspector (20)
Inspect another player.
When you face another player’s guardian, in a mission or in the Tower, you can press Right Thumbstick to lock on to them. You can then bring up a menu for that player, one option being to inspect them. You can also inspect players by pressing Y on their playercard in the menus.

Blink of an Eye (20)
Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds.
After leveling up a bit and acquiring some powerful tools, such as grenades, a rocket launcher, and your super attack (at level 4) there will be multiple opportunities to take down tightly grouped enemies all at once (especially as they rush out of doors in various story missions). If this doesn’t come naturally, the first story mission on Venus has a good spot when you very first encounter the Vex, and a group warps in close together. You have three seconds, so there’s time to shoot and melee too!

Valorous (30)
Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score.
You can begin earning Vanguard Marks after reaching level 18 (not to be confused with Vanguard Reputation). You can earn a maximum of 100 per week, and can check your progress on the Vanguard map screen. The cycle resets Tuesday morning. Vanguard Marks can be acquired from…

  • Public Events (4 marks)
  • The Strike Playlist, level 20 and above (2-6 marks)
  • Daily Heroic Story (5 marks)
  • Weekly Heroic Strike (3-10 marks)
  • Exchanging materials with the Vanguard Quartermaster (5 marks, 25 rep) (You’ll need materials to upgrade gear, don’t do something you’ll regret!)

There are two ways to do this, if you want to play more casually and as the developer intended, your bread and butter will be the daily missions and Vanguard Playlist. Selecting a higher difficulty will yield higher rewards, but don’t go higher than your group can handle, or you’ll be wasting time. If you want to play less casually and grind this out of the way, farming public events is your best option (and also yields ascendant materials). Public events begin at specific places on a set time schedule, so you can take a look at the somewhat reliable public event schedules available online, or follow this nice loop on Earth.

Notorious (30)
Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score.
You can begin earning Crucible Marks after reaching level 18 (not to be confused with Crucible Reputation). You can earn a maximum of 100 per week, and can check your progress on the Crucible map screen. The cycle resets Tuesday morning. Crucible Marks can be acquired from…

  • Winning a match in the Crucible (3 marks)
  • Losing a match in the Crucible (2 marks)
  • Exchanging materials with the Crucible Quartermaster (5 marks, 25 rep) (You’ll need materials to upgrade gear, don’t do something you’ll regret!)

If you enjoy PvP and play Crucible often, this will come in no time. If it’s not your cup of tea, you may have to dedicate yourself to playing 90 minutes a day for a week starting on Tuesday. Win or lose, this should get you to the 100 mark limit by the end.

Public Defender (20)
Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events.
Public events occur in patrol mode (or missions) in certain spots on a set time schedule, although some seem more reliable than others. There is a somewhat reliable schedule here with the time and place of events. Day will turn to night and you will be given a new waypoint at the event location shortly before it begins. You can also scan the horizon to find incoming dropships or other signs of the location. Hurry there, some of them don’t last long.

There are various objectives, such as defense of a point or killing an enemy – all have a set time limit. Upon completion, your group’s performance is ranked ‘participant’, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, or ‘gold’. Gold Tier rating is usually not difficult to achieve with a group and only requires you to complete the objective before the timer runs out. Soloing certain events can be difficult, although events on Earth are significantly easier than those on the higher level planets.

To unlock this achievement you must complete a public event with a Gold Tier rating, 10 times. If you want to get this quickly, check out this loop on Earth.

Finders Keepers (20)
Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control.
Control is the first available PvP mode in the Crucible, which is unlocked at level 5. Standing near a control point will capture it. If the enemy team controls the point, it must be neutralized first. Move as a team to capture faster and increase your survivability. Keep an eye on your radar while capturing, and don’t stick around if a grenade gets thrown under you!

Relic Hunter (20)
Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage.
Salvage mode is a featured playlist that is available in the Crucible on select weekends. It is a tactical 3 vs 3 gametype in which “relics” are identified somewhere on the map which must be captured, and then defended. The initial capture is faster with multiple teammates close by, but don’t all clump together once the defense phase begins! To make progress towards this achievement you must assist in the capture of a relic (“Deploying Probe”), but you do not have to successfully defend it afterward.

Hunter Killer (20)
Kill 100 Hunters in PvP.
In the heat of battle, the opposing guardian’s class won’t come into play much. Work as a team, and keep an eye on your radar. It helps to have a weapon that suits your play style.

Giant Slayer (20)
Kill 100 Titans in PvP.
In the heat of battle, the opposing guardian’s class won’t come into play much. Work as a team, and keep an eye on your radar. It helps to have a weapon that suits your play style.

Witch Hunt (20)
Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP.
In the heat of battle, the opposing guardian’s class won’t come into play much. Work as a team, and keep an eye on your radar. It helps to have a weapon that suits your play style.

Ask Questions Later (20)
Earn a first strike kill in PvP.
In any Crucible match, get the first kill. You have a better chance of this in smaller game modes like Skirmish.

Excessive Force (20)
Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons.
You will unlock a third weapon slot for heavy weapons whenever you first pick up a machine gun or rocket launcher. You are guaranteed to get one after completing Earth > Old Russia > The Last Array. They are equipped by holding Y. You do not start with heavy ammo in a Crucible match (and you’ll drop it if you die) so you must pick it up when the purple ammo crates appear. Their arrival is announced and marked on the map for all players, and the locations are always the same, so don’t rush blindly towards them without securing the area first. All teammates that are nearby when the crate is opened will receive ammo. Heavy weapons are very powerful, and will kill quickly if you hit what you are aiming at.

Triple Play (30)
Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match.
According to the statistics, there are roughly an equal number of each class being played in Destiny. Still, it seems as though there are an inordinate amount of Hunters in PVP, so even if you are consistently getting three or more kills per life, it is still unlikely that you will have killed one of each class. Remember that you don’t have to get them all at once – so play conservatively and take what you can get.

Raider (30)
Complete a Raid.

A guide to Destiny’s first raid, the Vault of Glass.

Raids are very challenging endgame missions which can (and should) be played with six players. There is no matchmaking, so you must manually create a party of players who will work together, strategize, and communicate. The first one available is Venus > Ishtar Sink > Vault of Glass, which is level 26 (although it can be accessed 3 levels earlier, everyone in your party should be level 26 or higher). Raids take a long time, but your progress is saved, and only resets weekly (Tuesday morning). Raids contain not only combat, but puzzles as well, all with little guidance.

Raiding Party (30)
Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
Once you have an account on and have linked your gamertag to it, you can create or join a clan through the website. Once accepted, you will have to make it official by clicking “Select as Xbox Clan” on the group page. Make sure everyone in the fireteam has done this (the clan name will display on their playercard), then complete a Raid before the week resets. A guide to the Vault of Glass on Venus can be found here.

Epic Raider (45)
Complete a Raid on hard difficulty.
After completing a raid on normal difficulty, hard mode is unlocked and can be selected from the difficulty selector on the orbit screen. Hard mode requires a high-level team (nearing 30) and familiarity with the strategies of the raid. In addition, player’s can no longer be revived until a checkpoint is reached. Your team must become a machine. A guide to the Vault of Glass on Venus can be found here.

Flawless Raider (65)
Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying.
With an ever-increasing level-cap, this isn’t as difficult as it first seemed to be. Get a group of guardians level 30+, with as much upgraded gear as you can muster. Players in your fireteam will need to be familiar with the raid. In addition, everyone should be ready to communicate before each section, play conservatively, and keep calm. At higher levels, the only thing that will kill you is yourselves. Have a consistent strategy for making it through the jumping puzzle, and be ready to wipe and restart when someone goes down.

This can be done with fewer than six players, in some situations your group may find this easier. Note that you will be unable to get this achievement if another player joins you once the raid has already been started.

A guide to the Vault of Glass on Venus can be found here.

Vanguard Honor (20)
Attain Vanguard Rank 3.
Vanguard Rank is gained by acquiring Vanguard Reputation points (not to be confused with Vanguard Marks). Your reputation starts at level 0 and will require 6000 reputation to reach level 3. Raising your reputation level unlocks items for purchase from vendors. In addition, you will also recieve a reward from the post office each time you level up (this will continue indefinitely past level 3). There are three class-specific armor vendors in the Hall of Guardians that will display your Vanguard Reputation, as will the Vanguard Quartermaster in the Hangar. Vanguard Rep can be acquired from…

  • Completing Tower Missions while in Patrol mode (10 rep, kill target missions: 25 rep)
  • Vanguard bounties, available at level 4. (50-100 rep)
  • Playing in the Strike Playlist, available at level 16. (10-25 rep)
  • Exchanging materials with the Vanguard Quartermaster (25 rep) (Not recommended unless you have a large surplus of a material!)

Note: After reaching level 20 you can purchase a piece of faction-specific gear from New Monarchy, Dead Orbit or Future War Cult. While it is equipped, all Vanguard (and Crucible) reputation you would have earned will be converted to that faction’s reputation instead. You must switch back to a neutral piece of class-armor to continue earning Vanguard Reputation.

A Friend Indeed (20)
Resurrect 5 fallen players.
An orb will float where a fellow guardian has died in missions or Skirmish mode in the Crucible. You can then approach it and hold X for a brief time to revive them. Reviving is fairly quick and grants a short period of invincibility afterward, but you should still be wary when doing it if powerful enemies are nearby.

Rising Vanguard (20)
Complete a Strike.
A Strike is a mission that is longer and more difficult than a typical Story Mission. The first one available is a level 10 Strike on Earth > Old Russia > The Devils’ Lair. These are optional and can be returned to once you are at a higher level.

Strength of the Pack (20)
Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
Once you have an account on and have linked your gamertag to it, you can create or join a clan through the website. Once accepted, you will have to make it official by clicking “Select as Xbox Clan” on the group page. Make sure everyone in the fireteam has done this (the clan name will display on their playercard), then complete a Strike.

Flawless Striker (20)
Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying.
This can be made easier by returning to a low level strike once you are comfortably overleveled for that area. Still play conservatively and use cover.

Ghost Hunter (20)
Discover 50 dead ghosts.
Dead ghosts look similar to your personal Ghost companion, glow blue, and are found hidden around the maps, including the tower. When approached you will be prompted to interact with them, to attain a grimoire card and progress towards this achievement. Once revived, they disappear from the map across all of your characters. Most can be acquired in patrol mode, while some can only be accessed in certain missions or when events are happening. There are 62 in the base game, only 50 are needed for this achievement. It’s useful to follow along with a video, like these.

Note: Certain ghosts may be glitched and will not appear for some players.

Dragon Slayer (20)
Kill a champion of the Dark.
This should unlock after defeating the Archon at the end of the second story mission, Earth > Old Russia > Restoration. Kill his minions first, and don’t get too close, Riksis has a potent melee attack!

Hunter Mastery (30)
Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass.
Each class has multiple subclasses, the second of which is unlocked once any of your characters reach level 15. Even if you do not switch between subclasses, you will only be around half way there by the time you reach level 20. In general, the default subclass is better for leveling and easier to use.

Always keep bounties going, and look for ones that can be worked on simultaneously. In addition, look out for missions which provide XP bonuses. Each story mission (and strike) has one the first time you complete it, as do the daily and weekly heroic missions, and one featured Crucible gametype that changes daily.

The story mode on it’s own will outpace your leveling. You’ll need to mix in patrols, strikes, and crucible to keep up. If you play enough crucible with your low-level character to get above the difficulty-curve for the story missions, you can play them on hard mode for extra bonus XP.

The hunter is the rogue class of Destiny. Quick and nimble.

  • Gunslinger is a solar subclass that rewards precision. It’s super is the one-hit-kill “Golden Gun” that gives you three shots.
  • Bladedancer is an arc subclass that allows for quick movement and quick killing. It’s super is “Arc Blade”, which lets you dash around slicing up enemies for a short time.

Titan Mastery (30)
Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass.
The titan is the warrior class of Destiny. High health, strong up close.

  • Striker is an arc subclass that encourages a close-range and physical titan. The “Fist of Havoc” super is quick and lethal, disintegrating enemies in a small radius.
  • Defender is a void subclass that can give a tactical advantage to you or your team. The “Ward of Dawn” super puts up a shield that can also buff friendlies.

Warlock Mastery (30)
Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass.
The warlock is the mage class of Destiny. High damage output.

  • Voidwalker is an aggressive void subclass. It can be effective at crowd control and careful survivability. The “Nova Bomb” super lobs a powerful projectile that explodes on impact.
  • Sunsinger is a solar subclass that is more conservative than the latter. It’s “Radiance” super buffs you for a short time, increasing the effectiveness of all your abilities. Once upgraded, it can also revive you from death.

Packing Heat (30)
Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon.
After obtaining an exotic weapon (see The Life Exotic), you will have to unlock upgrades for it, and then purchase them. Upgrades are unlocked by using the weapon, and from turning in bounties while it is equipped (in fact, all equipped gear receives this bonus, so check your inventory screen before turning in bounties). Once an upgrade is unlocked, visit the weapon’s upgrade grid (press Y) and take a look at the cost to activate that upgrade. You can also hover over the “Materials” emblem on the upgrade grid to see the sources of required materials. Note: This achievement is for a weapon, not just any piece of gear!

The first few upgrades require a small amount of Glimmer or materials that you inevitably accrue over time. Later upgrades, however, will require Ascendant Materials (Ascendant Energy for weapons and Ascendant Shards for armor). These materials will halt your progress and take the most time to gather. The most consistent and reliable way of gathering ascendant materials is completing the daily heroic mission on the harder difficulties – but there are also other sources detailed below.

  • Glimmer: By killing enemies, looting chests, or dismantling items.
  • Weapon Parts: From dismantling upgradeable weapons.
  • Class-specific armor materials, from dismantling armor belonging to their respective class.
    • Hadronic Essence (Warlock)
    • Plasteel Plating (Titan)
    • Sapphire Wire (Hunter)
  • Resources, from harvesting nodes scattered around their respective planets.
    • Spinmetal (Earth)
    • Helium Filaments (Moon)
    • Spirit Bloom (Venus)
    • Relic Iron (Mars)
  • Ascendant Materials: Can be obtained by completing public events with a Gold rating (guaranteed once per day), Raids, dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear, or completing the Daily and Weekly heroic missions. There is also a chance to find them in loot chests, Legendary Engrams, or after completing Crucible matches.
    • Ascendant Energy (upgrades weapons)
    • Ascendant Shards (upgrades armor)

Fully Weaponized (30)
Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon.
Legendary weapons are quite rare to drop, but can also be purchased from merchants in the tower. See Packing Heat for info on upgrading weapons. Legendaries still require Ascendant Materials to fully upgrade, but fewer of them are needed. Note: This achievement is for a weapon, not any piece of gear!

Bane of the Machines (20)
Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.
You’ll first encounter the robotic Vex in the first mission on Venus (Goblin, Hobgoblin, etc.) Most foot troops have small glowing spots on their torso’s, while floating Vex can be shot in their central eye. When killed with a precision shot, the Vex appear to explode into white liquid. Mars>Meridian Bay>Scablands is a good place to attempt this in Patrol mode.

Destiny Earth Old Russia Map