Oh hello, I didn’t notice you there. I was too busy SAILING IN MY SEA-SHANTY-INSPIRING PIRATE SHIP.



Play through the campaign, trying to complete optional objectives if they’re not too inconvenient (although you can return later to retry missions). To make the clean-up easier, keep an eye out for the crafting materials you need from hunting and harpooning, and spend your money on upgrading the Jackdaw at first; having a powerful ship is an investment in the future. Make sure you check your map and hack all of the computers you have access to during the Present-Day missions. You may not be able to return to them. Most of the other miscellany can be completed at any time.

By The Book (50)
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.
The campaign is composed of 13 Sequences each having 1-6 Memories (or missions) each. To unlock this achievement, you must complete every memory as well as its optional objectives. Keep in mind that you can replay memories at a later time and while retaining your upgrades – which can make some optional objectives easier in the future. You can view your current optional objectives on the pause screen. Additional ones are sometimes added mid-mission.

Silence, Fool! (5)
Kill a guard ringing a bell.
Certain restricted areas have alarm bells which show up on your map. Enemies stationed near the bell who detect you will run for it and start to ring. There is a brief period of time after the guard has started ringing the bell but before he stops, in which you can kill him and get this achievement. You are first introduced to alarm bells during Sequence 3 Memory 5 in the plantation on Cat Island.

Owned (10)
Complete every activity in a single location.
Every area has a set number of activities to complete, divided into collectibles and side activities. Holding RB will bring up a summary for the area you are in, and synchronizing viewpoints will show the activities on the map. Naturally, it is easier to complete all activities in a very small location, such as Abaco Island (606, 835) which you come to during Sequence 3 Memory 1.

Vault Raider (30)
Unlock the secret door in Tulum.
During Sequence 4 Memory 1 you are introduced to the Mayan Stelae. There are 16 of these puzzles scattered around the entire map that will show up like any other activity when you get close or reveal them by synchronizing a viewpoint. The progress tracker also lists the locations of these stones. Climb on top of the glowing stone blocks and press B to begin the puzzle. Use the analog sticks to align the shape, and then interact with the point on the ground where the lines cross to find a keystone.

Once you have all 16, travel to Tulum (70,405) and open the door found underground at the waypoint titled “Mayan Outfit”. This unlocks the achievement as well as an outfit which deflects enemy bullets. You can check your progress in the Progress Tracker.

  • Great Inagua
  • Tulum
  • Isla Providencia (2)
  • Misteriosa (2)
  • Pinos Isle (2)
  • Cat Island
  • Mantanzas
  • New Bone
  • Tortuga
  • Santanillas (2)
  • Long Bay
  • Cape Bonavista

Killer Killer (10)
Harpoon a killer whale.
The killer whale is a medium-difficulty harpooning target. Having 2nd tier harpooning upgrades will help in successfully completing this activity. Killer whales can be found at (74,627).

Help A Brother Out (20)
Complete a Templar Hunt sequence.
After completing Sequence 4 Memory 4 you will gain access to Templar Hunts. There are four of them, each consisting of four missions each. You only need complete one for the achievement, but completing all four will allow you to open the locked cell in your hideout and access the Templar Armor. The starting points for Templar Hunts can be found at Assassin’s emblem icons in the following locations:

  • Opia Apito – Cayman Sound (327,334), 2x Grand Cayman (397,324), Pinos Isle (335,469)
  • Rhona Dinsmore – Havana (240,607)
  • Anto – Kingston (623,181)
  • Vance Travers – Nassau (633,784)

Sea Legs (30)
Complete all naval contracts.
Naval contracts become available near the dock after capturing a fort (see King Of The Castle). They are marked by a skull on your map (the same icon as the Assassination contracts). Some forts will have more than one. The contracts consist of locating, fighting, boarding, sinking and escorting ships at sea, or collecting a certain amount of loot (that you may already have) and returning it to the quest-giver. The final contract will be unlocked in Serranilla once all others have been completed. You can check your progress in the Pause Menu > Progress Tracker. Completing all of them will also award you with the Golden Flintlock Pistols and other prizes.

King Of The Castle (30)
Capture all forts.
Each area of the map contains a fort. Uncaptured forts are red, and turn green once captured. The number of dots beneath the fort’s icon represents it’s difficulty. To capture a fort, you must sail around it damaging multiple hardpoints, each has their own health bar. Once all the targets are destroyed, you must dock at the fort and complete a few objectives. Once complete, make your way to the War Room and kill the captain of the fort to capture it. Capturing a fort reveals all of the map locations in its area.

Employee Of The Month (30)
Complete 25 Abstergo challenges.
A list of Abstergo challenges can be viewed from the Pause Menu. There are 100 in total, and your first 25 should come naturally as you play through the story.

Business And Pleasure (20)
Earn 50,000 reales.
Your fortune will be made on the open sea. After outfitting Edward with a decent set of weapons, focus most of your Reales on upgrading the Jackdaw. Plundering ships and selling the cargo is one of the most lucrative ways of making money – and also necessary to supply yourself with ships in the “Kenway’s Fleet” minigame, which is unlocked during Sequence 4.

Mer-man (10)
Swim a total of 1 nmi.
If you don’t avoid swimming, you will swim more than one nautical mile before the end of the main story. Remember to hold RT to swim faster. You can check your progress from the Pause Menu > Database > Statistics > Miscellany.

Redingote Up! (10)
Craft the Hunter outfit.
The hunter outfit must be crafted, and can be viewed from the crafting menu. When worn, it increases the range from which animals will detect you. It requires these rare ingredients:

  • 1 Red Howler Monkey skin
    • Can be found on Isla Providencia (502,44)
    • Use eagle vision to locate a monkey in a tree, use a sleep dart to bring it down.
  • 1 White Jaguar pelt
    • Can be found during the Templar Hunt mission on Castillo de Jagua.
    • Just remember to skin it after the cutscene.

Both ingredients can also be purchased from a weapons dealer for 5000 to 6000 R.

Thug Life (30)
Plunder 30 ships.
After damaging an enemy ship down to the red portion of it’s health bar, it will catch on fire and sit disabled (don’t destroy it completely). You can then approach and initiate a boarding sequence which will bring up a set of objectives. The ship is plundered once these objectives are met. You should be doing a lot of plundering on the open sea, as this is necessary to upgrade the Jackdaw to keep up with ships in more difficult portions of the map. Note that the smallest ship type, Gunboats, cannot be boarded.

Devil Of The Caribbean (40)
Defeat all 4 legendary ships.
There are four legendary ships to battle, one in each corner of the map. These ships present very difficult battles and require a heavily upgraded, if not completely upgraded Jackdaw to defeat. You will be rewarded with a fair amount of Royales in floating crates that appear after sinking the ships (they cannot be boarded), and a charge attack for the Jackdaw. Note that the NE “legendary ship” is a couple. This Wiki features strategies for each.

  • El Impoluto (NW)
  • Royal Sovereign & HMS Fearless (NE)
  • The La Dama Negra (SW)
  • HMS Prince (SE)

Destroyer (40)
Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.
Early on in the story you will gain access to your ship, the Jackdaw. You can purchase upgrades from inside your captain’s quarters or from a harbourmaster. The final “Elite” tier of upgrades must first be unlocked by finding their plans. Upgrade plans can be found in buried treasure after finding its map (see Excavator) and when exploring shipwrecks with the Diving Bell (see Seven Deadly Seas). This achievement does not require you to purchase the “appearance upgrades”.

Purchasing these upgrades will require lots of Royales, and lots of metal. Prioritize boarding ships carrying the materials you need (check using the telescope).

Diving Chests:

  • plan – elite hull: San Ignacio (379,770)
  • plan – elite set of cannons: The Blue Hole (471,170)
  • plan – elite ram: La Concepcion Wreck (181, 296)
  • plan – elite round shot: Kabah Ruins (769,145)
  • plan – elite mortars: Antocha Wreck (630,660)
  • plan – elite swivel guns: Devil’s Eye Caverns (488,353)

Buried Chests (Map required first):

  • plan – elite heavy shot: Misteriosa (307, 195)
    • Map: Ambergris Key (55,178)
  • plan – elite fire barrel: San Juan, after surfacing. (479, 487)
    • Map: Santanillas (221,247)
  • plan – elite heavy shot storage: Petite Cavern (901, 263)
    • Map: Cayman Sound (327,334)
  • plan – elite mortar storage: Matanzas (333,650)
    • Map: Tortuga (882,370)
  • plan – elite fire barrel storage: Isla Providencia (502, 44)
    • Map: Complete Kenway’s Fleet mission: Eastern Canada > Scarlatina
  • plan – elite harpoon: Andreas Island (579, 720)
    • Map: Mariguana Island (880,544)

Seven Deadly Seas (10)
Explore all underwater shipwrecks.
You acquire the Diving Bell at the beginning of Sequence 6. This upgrade allows you to dock and dive at shipwrecks and cairns (marked on the map by a diving bell icon). You do not need to collect anything, simply enter and exit the area so that the fast travel unlocks and the icon turns white. Out of the 10 diving bell locations, 7 are shipwrecks.

Barfly (30)
Unlock all taverns.
There are eight taverns to unlock, their locations and status can be found in the progress tracker under “Taverns”. They are marked on your map as a wide bottle icon. Approach and talk to the barman for the first time to initiate a cutscene followed by an unarmed brawl. Defeat the four thugs  and the tavern will become unlocked.

  • Kingston (623,172)
  • Arroyos (192,563)
  • Salt Key Bank (495,634)
  • Crooked Island (807,541)
  • Grand Cayman (397,324)
  • Andreas Island (579,720)
  • Corozal (42,268)
  • Île à Vache (843,140)

Cannon Fodder (5)
Recruit 500 crew members.
There a multiple ways to add to your crew. Each activity will only net you a handful of new crew though, so this can take a while depending on how much ship boarding you do. Expect it to unlock sometime after finishing the main story.

  • Plundering ships
  • Rescue shipwrecked sailors while sailing
  • Complete “Save Pirates” activities on land
  • Recruit them at Taverns

No new crew members will be recruited when your ship’s crew is full. Upgrade the Jackdaw’s crew quarters or kill them off by boarding ships to continue the circle of life.

FTFY (10)
Fully upgrade your hideout.
After completing Sequence 4 Memory 1 you will gain access to your hideout on Great Inagua. “Cove Upgrades” will be marked on your map around this area where you can purchase the following upgrades. You must be close enough for the icon to appear on your map. You may have to leave Great Inagua for the achievement to unlock.

  • Harbourmaster – 500 R
  • General Store – 700 R
  • Tavern – 3,500 R

Purchasing the above upgrades will unlock the ability to purchase:

  • Campfire – 7,000 R (Hire pirates for free)
  • Brothel – 15,000 R (Hire dancers for free)

Aesthetic upgrades (Found inside the manor)

  • Facade – 6,000 R
  • Tower and Gardens – 18,000 R
  • Guest House – 40,000 R

Cartographer (20)
Visit every location of the game.
Access your map by pressing the View (Back) button and zoom all the way out to see the top-level areas. Each has an icon with a fast-travel symbol. You have visited a location once its fast-travel has been unlocked, and the icon turned from grey to white. You will also have to capture all forts (see King of the Castle).

Ghost In The Machine (10)
Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment.
After completing Sequence 3 you will be given the ability to hack computers in the Abstergo building. Computers that have not been hacked appear on your map and mini-map. They can be accessed by pressing B when prompted by your tablet. Press Y in the hacking minigame to view a tutorial. You can’t fail or “get caught” when hacking. Computers that you’ve hacked will have red screens. There are 33 computers in total, and you will have had access to 15 of them after completing Sequence 6 and gaining security clearance level 2. You can return to the Abstergo building after completing the main story by selecting Quit > Exit Animus from the pause menu.

  • Work backwards from the green line on the sphere puzzles to find where you have to get to. The options are usually limited
  • You can allow your dot to loop past the top or bottom of the screen during the ‘frogger’ puzzles to prepare yourself for the next jump.
  • Use the contours in the graph to determine which numbers are included in the multiplier in the number puzzles.

Roped In (10)
Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.
After incapacitating a ship try to come up alongside it before initiating the boarding sequence or wait until your crew pulls the ship close. There are two ropes on the Jackdaw that you can swing on towards the disabled ship, one near the swivel gun and another at the top of the lift on the main mast. Enemies are less likely to evade your attempt from the higher rope. At the lowest point of your swing, look down, and hold X. You are more likely to lock onto an enemy when there are more of them, so refrain from using the swivel gun beforehand if you’re having trouble.

Sharing Is Caring (10)
Share each type of discovery with friends once.
There are three social discoveries that appear around the map as blue icons. You will be notified with a “Discovery Sharing” pop up if the game is configured correctly.

  • Royal Convoy (Different from a Naval Convoy)
  • White Whale
  • Social Chest

The first two will appear when you sail close to them in the Jackdaw. The chests must be found on foot, at fairly close range. For a discovery to be shared, you must be connected to the internet, logged in with a uPlay account, and have the sharing option turned on in your online settings. You can check your progress by viewing the relevant challenges in Pause Menu > Abstergo Challenges > Simulation.

Map of Possible Social Locations courtesy www.jp.guihard.net

All Aboard! (30)
Board a ship without losing any crew members.
You must successfully attack, disable, board, and take over a ship without losing any crew. You must actually board the ship; you cannot kill off the entire enemy crew with the swivel gun. This is easiest if you disable a small schooner in easy waters (which only requires 5 kills to capture) and begin the boarding process far away and at an angle. You can then swing/swim over to the ship and begin killing enemies before your crew gets close enough to put themselves in danger. Remember to use your pistols to expedite the process.

Siren Song (20)
Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with “dancers.”
Dancers can be located on your map by a blue flower icon that appears when close enough. They can be hired by approaching them and paying a fee. Once hired they will begin following you, and can be sent to distract enemies by pressing LB.

Keep an eye out for the “Save Pirates” icon on your map when in a city. You want to find pirates being held at gunpoint, as opposed to those already fighting. Remember the location, and then head off to find dancers. Hire them and bring them back, then use LB to distract the soldiers, sneak in and free the bound pirates.

Sequence 3, Memory 2 is a reliable place to get this, by bringing dancers around the back of the church, and using them to lure away the two rifleman.

If your crew-meter is full, “Save Pirates” events may not appear. Board some ships to kill some off.

Wile West Indies (20)
Kill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols.
To do this you must first craft all three additional pistol holsters. The first is crafted during Sequence 3 Memory 1 using Ocelots from Abeco Island, and the next two require you to hunt Humpback whales and Crocodiles. Once you have four pistols, repeatedly fire them when surrounded by enemies, such as a group of at least 4 guards, or when first boarding a ship.

Excavator (10)
Find a buried treasure.
Treasure maps can be found on land by searching cadavers. Cadavers can be located on your map by a treasure map icon once you have gotten close or synced the area. Maps contain coordinates of the general area the treasure is located in. To review a map, equip the map tool using the DPAD and press Y. Once you get close enough to the exact spot, you will be prompted to “Dig” in that location. These buried chests contain plans for Jackdaw upgrades.

Hungover (10)
Wake up in a haystack.
After unlocking a tavern you can interact with a bottle at the bar to buy a drink for a few Reales. Continue drinking in quick succession (5+ drinks) until you black out, and wake up in a nearby pile of something. This may not unlock if attempted during an active mission.



Committed To The Cause (20)
Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.
The multiplayer component of Black Flag is based on score. Be patient and learn finesse with the controls. Go for a big score with every action you take. Your score at the end of the match is converted to experience, and extra gained by completing challenges. Level 55 is the maximum level for multiplayer.

Personal Bag Of Tricks (10)
Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.
Modify your ability set by going to the Abilities tab in the multiplayer menu. This can be done right away, without having to unlock anything by reversing the slots for your default abilities.

Master Of The Caribbean (20)
Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.
Wolfpack is the cooperative multiplayer mode in Black Flag. Discovery mode is its introduction/tutorial. You will be prompted to play Discovery first after selecting Wolfpack from the main multiplayer menu. Its eight missions can be completed alone, or with other players. Scoring higher will make the sequences go by faster.

Lab Technician (10)
Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Puble playlist.
Begin searching for a custom match, with the game type set to Game Lab. Complete the session (you do not have to win).

All Rounder (20)
Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.
There are 8 game modes (including the two Wolfpack modes) to participate in, 15 abilities, and 5 ranged weapons to use. Weapons and abilities simply have to be activated, they do not have to hit a target.

With natural progression, you will only unlock the final ability and weapon at level 48. However, purchasing and using the ‘Copycat’ ability allows you to steal other players ability set, which can allow you to get this achievement without needing to unlock equipment yourself.


Don’t Worry About It

These achievements will unlock with natural game progression.

Heroes Aren’t Born (10)
Complete memory sequence 1.

Good While It Lasted (20)
Complete memory sequence 2.

A Pirate’s Life For Me (20)
Complete memory sequence 3.

No Apologies (20)
Complete memory sequence 4.

Death Of A Salesman (20)
Complete memory sequence 5.

Mixing Up The Medicines (20)
Complete memory sequence 6.

The Hammer Falls (20)
Complete memory sequence 7.

Adrift (20)
Complete memory sequence 8.

A New Hope (20)
Complete memory sequence 9.

My Elusive Fortune (20)
Complete memory sequence 10.

Been Down So Long… (20)
Complete memory sequence 11.

Just Like Starting Over (20)
Complete memory sequence 12.

Saw That One Coming… (20)
Complete memory sequence 13.

Routine Hacking (20)
Complete present day mission 2.

Getting Weird Around Here (20)
Complete present day mission 3.

Bunker Buddies (20)
Complete present day mission 4.

It’s All Good (20)
Complete present day mission 5.