This game is hilarious. It’s fast, it’s brutal, it’s irreverent, and everyone’s clothing seems to be covered in paint.
Learn to flow around the landscape, bouncing and grinding and killing with style, and most of these cumulative achievements will come naturally as you play. (The Xbox Achievement App is a good way to track them).

Nothing can be missed and missions can be replayed, so don’t sweat it too much. However, you may want to spend your Overcharge wisely – take a look at the “Collectibles” section below for tips.

Select your facial hair of choice, regardless of gender, and get moving.

Orange Soda II (15)

15,000 OD’d massacred.
You can recognize Overcharge Drinkers by the fact that they are raging, bulbous zombies. Sorry, mutants. They’re also the most common of the three enemy types in the game. You’ll probably kill more than 5,000 of them while playing through the story missions and quests, but killing 15,000 will take some extended play – so take the time to kill large groups as you traverse the city during the campaign. Should you find yourself in need of more, try replaying the mission “Getting the Band Back Together” to get indefinite kills while bouncing on the drums without completing the objective.

Orange Soda (15)
5,000 OD’d Massacred.

Perfection (10)
Complete an optional Night Defense without losing any of your Overcharge.
Your Overcharge is stored in the vats you must defend during Night Defenses. There is a counter on the left of your screen that displays how much you have left. If OD reach the vat they’ll climb up on it and start stealing Overcharge a few moments later. Prevent this from happening.

Optional means you can’t unlock this during a story mission, so you can try it in a Night Defense challenge, or with a group at the end of a Chaos Squad session. Unless you have a very reliable group, this will likely be easier to do solo. The Old Factory District Night Defense challenge is probably your best bet, since it only has a single vat to defend.

Hopefully you’ve played enough to level up a variety of weapons and have your favorite amps equipped. Having a mixture of crowd control weapons like TNTeddy, High Fidelity, and the Freeze Bomb will help you stem the tide, while deployables like the Turret Copter, Acid Sprinkler, and Pulse Mine are great to throw down at the chokepoints. Use Dirty Harry to take down big enemies if you have the time.

You may have to fall back to the final set of barricades early on, but having a network of Tesla traps here makes defending the vat quite easy. If you place a Tesla trap outside the barricades to the left and right of the vat (make sure they connect) and then a third one in the forward-left corner, you can effectively cover the entire area around the vat with a one bounce. Continue shooting deployables near the three chokepoints and you should be able to hold the line.

OD Damage, OD Rival and Trap Damage overdrives are good choices here, as are Deployable Damage and Ammo upgrades. Remember to play with style to keep all of your amps going!

The Floor is Lava (10)
Chain together 100 traversal moves without stopping or touching the ground
You can bounce, grind, swing, vault, wall jump and wall run on practically everything in this game, but the safe way to do this is to find a spot with a few closely grouped bounce objects and bounce between them. You can bounce on the same object more than once, but it won’t add to the count.
Try this in the parking lot of the Brewery, or later on in the parking lot that “Points Challenge #2” takes place in.
The achievement won’t pop until you finally touch the ground, so you’ll need to keep count yourself. The combo counter in the corner of the screen does not necessarily reflect the number of moves you have done!

Stylish Kills (5)
Kill 500 enemies while at Style Level 3.
You’re introduced to the Style Meter early on in “Amptastic!” Alternating between different traversal moves and getting kills will increase the meter faster. Standing still and being boring will allow it to decrease.
The number to the right of the meter is your current Style Level. As the level gets higher, more of your equipped amps will activate, making you much more effective in combat.
Higher levels will be easier to reach and maintain after you equip some style-increasing Overdrives. Play the game as intended and this will unlock naturally.

Let Me Count the Ways (5)
Burn, Shock, Freeze, or Enrage 1000 enemies.
This should come naturally, although some of it depends on your weapon and amp selection. Certain weapons will apply these effects by default, and you can apply amps to the ones that don’t. Attaching the Stun Rounds amp to High Fidelity is a good way to get this started early on. Remember, playing at higher style levels activates your amps and causes more crazy stuff to happen!

I Like Them All (30)

Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.
As you use weapons they will slowly level up, to a maximum of level 5. Take a look in the menu to see what weapons are effective against what enemies, so you can get kills more efficiently. You’ll also notice that the weapons you use to kill large enemies level up quicker – the bigger the enemy the faster it’ll go. After reaching level 2, a weapon can be equipped with an amp to boost it’s effectiveness. While playing through the campaign you may want to consider swapping out weapons when you reach level 5 with them so you can start making progress on new ones.

Even after completing the missions and quests, you’ll still have some grinding to do. Weapon Challenges are a great way to get a lot of kills in a short amount of time with particular weapons, so replay those if you need to. Otherwise, try replaying the mission “Getting the Band Back Together”. Reach the point where you bounce on the drums and just farm kills instead of completing the objective.

There are seven guns you’ll acquire for free during the campaign, and 14 more you can buy from Two Hat Jack with Overcharge (5,500-100,000 each). There is also at least one weapon which can be acquired from Chaos Squad. To expedite the gun acquiring process, it is advisable to purchase the cheaper ones first, as opposed to blowing all your overcharge on the most expensive ones (or maybe don’t buy them at all…). Guns acquired from DLC also count.

Set your own priorities; collectible maps are also purchased with the same currency and you won’t quite have enough for everything by the time the game ends. Not buying the Charge Beam from Two Hat Jack is a good way to save a chunk of Overcharge, otherwise you’ll have to grind it out. See the collectibles section below for more tips.

Favorite (10)
Upgrade one of your guns to Level 5.

Many Favorites (30)
Upgrade 10 guns to Level 5.

Amped Up (10)
Equip five AMPs on your character at the same time.
You’ll need to equip one amp in each of the five slots viewable in the Character menu. You’ll get your fourth and fifth given to you after completing the second Night Defense at the brewery in the mission “Midnight Brew”. Weapon amps don’t count.

Badge (20)
Earn a badge.
Badges are awarded frequently for normal gameplay, killing and grinding and bouncing and all that good stuff. You’ll be notified when you get your first one (although they only unlock after progressing through a few story missions).
A mini tutorial will step you through this after you earn it, which should come sometime after completing the mission “A Way Out”.
You can view your badges in the Character menu under Overdrives and pressing Y.

Who is Sending These? (10)
Loot 25 emergency supply drops.
While traversing the city, blue and white crates will occasionally come parachuting down out of the sky, land on a roof, and begin putting off a green smoke signal. Climb up to reach the crate, which can be looted for a disappointing amount of currency.
Keep an eye on your mini map! A little crate icon will appear if you are nearby (they won’t show on your main map though).
Always go after these when you see them, and you’ll likely get the required 25 by the time you’re done with the story.

Can’t Commit (5)
Equip one piece of clothing from each Faction at the same time.
You’ll start unlocking faction-specific clothing after completing missions and quests for each of the four factions. You’ll receive some for free, or they can be purchased from Calista (look for the shirt icon on your mini map) at forts or bases.

The Oxfords, Troop Bushido, The Medievals, and Las Catrinas all have distinct styles, and you can look at what their members wear to get an idea of which pieces are from which faction. You can also pick one item from each of  the “Insomniac Sets” viewable in the “Outfits” section.

Purchase four items that can be worn at the same time, and then equip them in Calista’s “Customize” menu. The achievement should pop as soon as you equip the fourth item from a different faction.

The 0.1% (10)
Spend at least 25,000 Overcharge.
There are two main currencies in the game, cash and Overcharge. Overcharge is the energy drink (in case you’ve been living under a rock). It will be awarded for completing missions, killing enemies, and breaking stuff around the city.
25,000 is small change considering that this is the currency used to buy weapons from Two Hat Jack, which you’re going to want to stock up on, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. And there are achievements for leveling them up. You’ll earn at least 10 times this amount as you play through the missions.
Two Hat Jack can be fount at forts and bases (look for the gun icon on your map).
Note that Overcharge is also used to buy collectibles maps. You won’t have enough to buy everything, even once you’ve played through the missions and quests. Pick your priorities and choose what you can go without.

Overachiever (10)
You earned an achievement.
You’ll unlock this achievement after unlocking any other achievement. So whatever you do, don’t try to get this one first. The universe might explode.
Note: This achievement may not unlock correctly if playing offline.

Appreciation (5)
Watch the credits all the way through.
The credits will roll after completing the last story mission, or you can access them from the Options menu under Gameplay. A short cutscene plays at the end if you’ve completed the game. You can use the left stick to scroll the credits faster. The Kinect will be watching you and the achievement won’t unlock if it sees that you weren’t attentively viewing the screen the whole time.
Just kidding about that last part.

Not So Secret Ingredient (25)
Get to the bottom of Fizzco’s corporate secrets.
After unlocking the second player fort, the Diner, you’ll be able to approach a payphone near Floyd and start the optional quest: “Fizzco: The Dirty Secret”. Complete this quest line…

  • Fizzco: The Dirty Secret: Attempt to open the recycling trucks, defeat the Fizzco Bots that show up, return to the truck to grab a memo.
  • Fizzco: The International Conspiracy: Find and destroy the brown crates marked with a biohazard symbol, then pick up the evidence that falls out of them.
  • Fizzco: The Secret Ingredient: Kill the OD and destroy the big brown globs of “gunk” on the pipes and vents around the target area. Activate and defend the computer from Fizzco Bots, then take down the Mech that arrives.

Roleplay While Roleplaying (10)
Reach Level 99 in Ignatius’ epic RPG campaign.
After completing a number of story missions for the Medievals, the optional quest “The Most Epic Quest of EXP” will become available from the king in their base. Complete this single, multi-part quest…

Talk to Toby and defend him from the OD in the target area. Go to the jewlery shop, follow and kill the OD fleeing with the ring, then pick it up and escape. Then visit the Oxfords and take Boo-Boo for a walk.

Return to the king and prepare for an epic tower defense! Place your 4 Sigfrieds near the bridges on either side. Once the last one is placed OD will start running in. After a while a Fizzco Mech will show up. Take him down and accept thou reward.

Vat Pack Rat (20)
Upgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort.
As you progress through the story missions you will be introduced to four different Forts. These are the bases you must defend while Floyd cooks new amps for you. After Floyd finds a new fort you will have to complete a story mission Night Defense. An optional quest will also appear in the base at this time. Upon completion, you will increase the amount of Overcharge that can be stolen by OD before failure when defending that fort. You’ll need to complete these four quests:

  • Brewery Upgrade: Search the target areas for the wall-mounted bots and destroy them.
  • Hepcat Upgrade: Search the target areas for teal refrigerators and break them open.
  • Boat Upgrade: Sam will stop the truck near a target area. Search to find a blue Overcharge barrel, and throw it in the truck.
  • Theater Upgrade: Go to the target areas and destroy Fizzco bots until the final one drops a part.

Ultimate Collection (20)
Liberate all the comic books for the comic book collector.
Around the time you first meet Troop Bushido, an optional quest will appear at the comic book shop near their base called “Collect Some Comics”. Complete this quest line:

  • Collect Some Comics: Go to the target areas and pick up the glowing blue comic book. You may have to kill or break open whatever is holding it.
  • Collect More Comics: More of the same
  • Collect Even More Comics: More of the same, except you’ll have to get 10 comics this time and they’re farther spread out.

Defender of the Realm (20)
Clear Fargarthia of a hidden evil.
An optional quest becomes available in Fargarthia after meeting the Medievals called “The Warlock’s Red Gaze”. Complete this questline…

  • The Warlock’s Red Gaze: Go to the target areas, find and melee the small, circular, red-eyed controllers.
  • Wicked Watchers in the South: More of the same, but this time you can locate them by listening closely.
  • Crimson Eyes in the North: More of the same. Listen to what the Controllers say for hints to where they are.

Revolutionary (20)
Take back Sunset City for the misfit survivors.
After being introduced to the fourth and final fort, the Theater, an optional quest becomes available called “Take Back the Streets: Downtown” by interacting with the flag to the left of Floyd. Complete this quest line…

  • Take Back the Streets: Downtown: Melee the switch to start raising the flag, and defend it from Fizzco Bots. If they attack the switch your countdown will stop.
  • Take Back the Streets: Old Factory District: More of the same, except the areas are a little tighter this time.
  • Take Back the Streets: The Harbor: You know the drill.
  • Take Back the Streets: Little Tokyo: Raise three more flags in this last district and be rewarded.

Equal Opportunity (15)
Complete a quest from every faction.
You meet the preppy Oxfords hiding in the arcade early on, followed by Troop Bushido in the Japanese museum. As you continue to complete story missions you’ll be introduced to the Medievals in Fargarthia and near the end of the game meet Las Catrinas in the children’s hospital.
Note – this achievement is not for the initial story missions, but for the optional quests that become available from it’s members after you’ve been introduced to a faction.

The Champion (10)
Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating.
You’ll find spinning green tokens around the city that can be approached and activated to start a challenge. They can also be located on your map, or fast-traveled to by selecting Latest Challenge in your Log. There are 54 total in the base game, which become unlocked as you progress through the story. You can retry challenges whenever you want, including from the pause menu while in the middle of them.

Don’t spend too much time on difficult challenges very early on in the game, as many of them are made easier by better equipment and traversal moves that become available later on.

  • Bomb Delivery: Find the quickest route to plant a bomb on each of the beacons. Take some time to get a lay of the land and formulate your path.
  • Smash Stuff: The smashables appear on your minimap! Formulate an efficient route between them, and look out for explosive barrels to help you out.
  • Glider Challenge: Fly through updrafts to keep your power up (they appear on your mini map). You can dodge with RB/LB, and Invert Y in the options menu if you don’t like the flight controls.
  • Points Challenge: Find a path that minimizes your time not getting points. You’ll need every single one to get gold.
  • Traversal Challenge: You’re scored based on how much time is left. Remember to use RB to traverse faster. Ideally, you should never have to touch the ground.
  • Weapon Challenges: Watch the tutorials for weapons you are unfamiliar with, and play with style so your amps activate. These are also good opportunities to level up weapons.
  • Buck National Episodes: Focus on completing the objectives Buck gives you as fast as possible while maintaining your style. Having upgraded weapons and specific amps equipped helps.
  • Night Defenses: There is one of these for each district – again, equip amps specific for the situation and utilize deployable weapons and traps in chokepoints.

A Challenger Appears (10)
Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.

Second Place (10)
Complete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating.

Grind Kills (5)
Kill 100 enemies while grinding.
Given the nature of this game, it should be more difficult for you to get 100 kills without grinding. Jump near rails, wires, or the edges of buildings and press X to begin a grind. You can slow yourself down by holding LT, and reverse direction by tapping X will holding back on the LS. This achievement is cumulative, so you don’t have to do it all at once.

Bounce Kills (5)
Kill 100 enemies while bouncing or while in the air.
Again, this will come naturally. You can bounce on practically anything that is not the ground. Find an aim sensitivity that works for you and don’t rely on the auto aim too much. This achievement is also cumulative.

Trap Kills (5)
Kill 500 enemies with traps.
You are introduced to traps in the “Midnight Brew” mission. They can only be used during Night Defenses, which happen in a few story missions, can be repeated in challenges, and at the end of Chaos Squad sessions. Certain traps work well together, like bouncing enemies with a Flying Board into a Hack ‘N Slay. Other traps will increase there effectiveness when bounced on, so remember to do that.
Part-way through some Night Defenses you will have a very short period of time to place additional traps, so be prepared to throw a few down quickly. Certain Overdrives can also be equipped to increase trap damage.
You’ll have this mostly completed after finishing the campaign and quests, but may need to grind out a few more. Try replaying the later Night Defense challenges from the tougher districts, which will grant you more energy and more enemies to trap.

Flung to Safety (5)
Kill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap.
The Springboard trap is one of the first traps you recieve and can be placed to fling groups of enemies in a certain direction. When placing the trap, you can see what the springboard will target. They can reach pretty far, and should be placed far enough away so that you don’t over-fling. Flinging enemies into water doesn’t count.
It’s most effective to aim them at another trap that you’ve set, like the good old Hack ‘N Slay. Certain Overdrives can also be equipped to increase trap damage.
Unless you use Springboards throughout the entire campaign, you likely won’t have this by the time you’re done with the missions. Try replaying the Old Factory District Night Defense, placing a Hack-N-Slay in front of each of the first two barricades. Then place two Springboards behind each barricade, pointing back at the trap. Let the enemies come in, and only kill them if they make it past your traps.

Grind Melee (5)
Melee 50 enemies while grinding.
Although enemies will occasionally join you up on the wires, most of these kills will come from grinding rails at ground level and hitting those nearby. Melee Swing Amps will help give your melee attack a wider range as well. Play through the game with this in mind and it will likely unlock without having to… grind… it out.

Out of Stock (10)
Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.
You’ll find rectangular, light blue Overcharge vending machines all around Sunset City. They can be destroyed with a few shots or melee attacks and will drop some currency (be sure to completely break the window). Make a habit of always destroying these when you see them as you play. They are always in the same spots and will “respawn” after fast-travelling. Be careful, some of them will attempt to pee on you afterward.

If you need more after completing the game, fast-travel to the Troop Bushido base, turn around and head across the wooden bridge to find more than 10 vending machines conveniently located around the buildings surrounding the Japanese Garden, and even more if you continue into the parking garage to the West of it. Once you’re ready for a respawn, just fast-travel again.

Crash Landing (10)
Destroy 25 Fizzco Blimps just because you can.
After completing “Up in the Air” you’ll begin to see the large, round Fizzco blimps cruising around above the city. They are fairly easy to destroy, the challenge is getting close enough and high enough to hit them. Try to guess their route and head them off.
Cheese alert: By this time you will also have unlocked “Glider Challenge 1”, which will spawn you near a blimp that can quickly be destroyed. If you abandon the challenge and retry it (selecting “Restart” won’t work) the blimp will reappear each time.

Overdrive (20)
Unlock an Overdrive.
Overdrives are passive bonuses (like increased style generation from grinds) that are purchased and upgraded using Badges. (See the Badge achievement). You’ll be given a tutorial after earning your first Badge which will step you through unlocking your first Overdrive along with this achievement. Overdrives can be found in the Character menu.

More Overdrive (30)
Unlock at least one Rank 4 Overdrive.
Overdrives can be upgraded in the Overdrives section of the Character menu by pressing X (if you have the required badges). Each upgrade costs an increasing number of badges, and max out at level 4. If you equip overdrives that compliment your playstyle, you should have a lot of the badges needed to upgrade those particular ones. Overdrives useful in the early game like “High Style Grind” and “High Style Bounce” can be upgraded very quickly.

Going to Need a Bigger Closet (10)
Collect 250 fashion items.
Counting the clothes you start with, you’ll have this less than half way done after completing all of the story missions and quests. You can then get 54 more items by earning gold medals on each of the game’s challenges.

You also have a chance at receiving clothing items at the end of Chaos Squad sessions, but most of the remaining items will have to be purchased from Calista, who can be found at player forts and faction bases (look for the shirt icon on your map). Although buying fashion items is the only thing the cash currency is used for, you’ll need to purchase almost every one available – which will be expensive.

Cash can be found by killing enemies and smashing stuff up, but it’s much quicker to replay certain challenges with high cash rewards (such as the final Traversal Challenge). Purchase cheaper clothing items first to make sure you don’t overspend. Although that Narwhal hat is pretty tempting…

I Should Get Paid for This (25)

Beat Insomniac QA’s high score of 534,080 on the Challenge “Buck’s Revenge.”
The Buck National challenge “Episode 3 – Buck’s Revenge” can be accessed from the log once it is available fairly early in the game, however, you shouldn’t attempt to beat this high score until you’ve got a leveled up arsenal, and a good selection of amps and overdrives. The score you need to reach is more than twice the gold medal requirement.

Equip yourself with overdrives that will maximize damage done to OD. Your health isn’t as important here, and you should be able to keep a high style-meter on your own. OD Killer, OD Rival, and Plus/Minus coupled with Health Regen give good damage boosts overall. Add Single-Shot Damage and Ammo Capacity to keep Dirty Harry in action.

Your weapons are important too, you’ll need a powerful single-shot (like Dirty Harry) with a good amp to take down the large enemies quickly. Crowd control weapons (like TNTeddy or High Fidelity) for quick group killing, and a few deployables (like Turret Copter and Acid Sprinkler) to keep extra damage going. Make sure you go into this challenge stocked up on ammo – Two Hat Jack has a shop just across the street. Equip your favorite amps for each.

The key here (as with all of Buck’s challenges) is to complete the objectives as fast as possible. They cycle through in the same order, only the number of kills required changes. After repeating this a few times you’ll be ready for the transitions.

  • Melee Kills – Ground pound, wait, and then ground pound again. Don’t jump too early or you’ll super jump and waste time.
  • Grind Kills – There is a nice wire to grind on above street level. Fire the TNTeddy into groups.
  • Kill Spawners – Your pimped out Dirty Harry should take these down in just a few hits.
  • Bounce Kills – This is a good time to put down a few deployables, otherwise use TNTeddy or High Fidelity.
  • Undergrind Kills – Deployables from the last objective should still be active. Speed it up with High Fidelity.
  • Kill Muggers – The spawn points are the same each time. Dirty Harry again.
  • Pyro Gyser Trap Kills – Keep jumping on the one nearest you, that’s where the OD will be thickest.

If you’re moving fast enough, you’ll eventually reach the “Kill 6 Muggers” objective. Instead of doing this, spend your last few seconds getting as many normal OD kills as possible to pad your score. This may take a few tries, but is not extremely difficult.

Replay (5)
Replay any Mission and complete it under par.
You can replay any mission (a quest will work too) by selecting it from the Log in your menu. When replaying missions you are timed. The Par Time is only shown once you’ve completed the mission, but it isn’t usually difficult to get under. Stick to the objectives and don’t feel rushed.

Not the Boss of Me (5)
Replay the final mission and defeat the boss under par.
Once you’ve completed all of the story missions, go to your Log and replay “This Ends Here”. The Par Time for this mission is a whopping 35 minutes, which is easy to get under if you stick to the objectives.

To speed things up a bit, equip yourself to deal with Fizzco Bots. Your primary weapon should be one that is effective against them (you can see weapon effectiveness in the Weapons menu). Add an amp that will increase damage on this weapon (like Moving Menace) and you have yourself a good primary. Couple your main weapon with a few deployables and make sure you stay on the move to keep all of your amps active.

This first section has you moving around a target area taking out bots. Keep your style up and kill them as fast as you can. Once the two Mechs arrive, shift your focus to them. When they’re down make your way to the harpoon gun and traverse quickly up to the giant bottle (no need to kill the enemies on the way).

After your dramatic rebirth, you’ll want to quickly reach your target, climb up it, and fire into it’s power core while dodging occasional counter-measures. Do this two more times (again, no need to fight enemies on the way). You don’t need to rush once you’re high up – just try not to fall.

Mixology 101 (10)
Collect 20 Amps from Floyd.
Periodically throughout the story you will have to do Night Defense of the Overcharge vats while Floyd cooks up new Amps. You are given free amps after these missions, but won’t quite get 20 by the time the story ends. That means you will have to purchase at least a few more for this achievement. They can be purchased by interacting with the Amp Chamber near Floyd at any fort. Floyd accepts certain collectibles as currency – see the collectibles section for more info. If you plan on collecting all of the collectibles, you’ll be able to purchase and upgrade most, but not all of the extra amps.


There are many collectibles scattered throughout the city – some are simply for achievements and others are used to buy Amps from Floyd. Two Hat Jack sells maps to help you find most of them (after finding your first in each district). Even after completing all of the missions and challenges, you won’t have enough to buy everything. To minimize your time farming overcharge, consider this: The last gun Jack sells (the Charge Beam) is very expensive and not required for any achievements. There are also maps available online that show the locations of collectibles – using these to find the lower-population ones (like Eavesdrop, Sightseeing Locations and even Billboards and Smartphones) won’t inconvenience you too much and save a chunk of change.


Intel (10)
Collect all 40 Smartphones.
Floating in inconspicuous spots around the city are 40 small, rotating smartphones. Although they glint occasionally, they are fairly hard to spot. Each one will unlock (in order) a short short text entry that can be viewed in the Log. After finding your first, Two Hat Jack will begin selling “Smartphone” maps that reveal the location of the remaining phones in that district.

Explorer (10)
Find all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City.
At certain high points around the city you will find mounted binoculars which you can look through. A short dialogue will play and you can take in the sights. After finding your first, Two Hat Jack will begin selling “High Points” maps that reveal the location of the remaining sightseeing locations in that district.

Big Brother (10)
Destroy all 150 Fizzco security cameras.
Security cameras can be found up on poles, walls, or the corners of buildings. They have red glowing lenses, but can be somewhat difficult to spot on the run. Your auto aim will target them though, so use this to your advantage. You can purchase maps from Two Hat Jack that will reveal the locations of remaining cameras in a district.

Wire Tapping (10)
Eavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites.
You are introduced to hacking satellites in the story mission “Bryllcream”. The white rectangular control boxes with a light on top can be found on rooftops around the city, they’ll usually be near a small white sparkling satellite dish. These are one of the harder to find collectibles – as there are only nine total, one conversation that can be located with each. After finding your first one and listening to the whole conversation (the story mission doesn’t count), Two Hat Jack will begin selling “Eavesdrop” maps which will reveal the remaining satellites in that district.

It’s Art, Ok? (10)
Deface 40 billboards with graffiti.
There are a lot of billboards around the city, but the ones that deserve tagging are the white “your advertisement here” Fizzco billboards with an orange frame. You can approach them and press Y to “Deface Ad”. There are 40 in total, so you’ll have to find all of them. After tagging your first, Two Hat Jack will begin to sell “Tagging Maps” which will show the location of remaining billboards in a district.

Shoe Closet (10)
Collect all 150 shoes hanging from wires.
These can be found hanging on wires (you knew that already). They emit faint green smoke. You’ll have to switch to an undergrind to pick them up. You can purchase maps from Two Hat Jack that will reveal the locations of remaining shoes in a district.

What’s Your Sign? (10)
Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram signs.
Although they’re pretty easy to spot, these neon-yellow signs sometimes require you to perform awkward wall-runs to pick up. Remember you can tap X to round a corner. You can also jump off the wall at the last moment if you need to gain a little height, but you need to stay close to the wall to pick up the sign. You can purchase maps from Two Hat Jack that will reveal the locations of remaining signs in a district.

Hot Air (10)
Collect all 150 Fizzie balloons.
Fizzie balloons float up in the air, usually above bouncy objects. Remember you can press A when bouncing, after a ground pound, or when switching to an overgrind to gain extra height. Sometimes you’ll have to leap and perform an in-air dash from the side instead of coming from below. You can purchase maps from Two Hat Jack that will reveal the locations of remaining balloons in a district.

Litter (10)
Collect all 150 scraps of toilet paper.
Toilet paper can be found draped on the short horizontal poles you swing on. It’s usually easiest to drop from above and grab it on the way down. You can purchase maps from Two Hat Jack that will reveal the locations of remaining signs in a district.

Chaos Squad

This online Co-Op mode becomes accessible during the mission “A Way Out”. You can find the photo booths used to access it marked on your map with a smiley face.


Over-Amped (5)
Earn an Amp upgrade in Chaos Squad.
Everything you do during a session of Chaos Squad increases your score. Everything from killing the last enemy to reaching the new mission point early will add points to your total. At the end of a session your score will determine how many “spins” you get (up to a maximum of 5). Completing bonus objectives, and your total Chaos level multiply your score, so these are the keys to reaching those really high numbers.

Each spin will yield a reward, commonly cash, Overdrive, temporary weapon boosts or fashion items. You also have a chance at receiving rarer items like new weapons or, with some luck, an amp. These rarer items don’t require you to score higher, but you’ll increase your chances the more spins you unlock.

The minigames themselves usually aren’t difficult to complete, the hard part is getting kills or reaching the bonus objectives before your teammates do. Pay attention to the objectives when they are shown at the beginning of the mission, and stay on the move. You’ll begin to score higher once you become familiar with the limited number of mini games in each district.

This achievement involves a good deal of luck, but most players won’t need to play more than 10-15 Chaos squad sessions before receiving an amp. The achievement will pop as soon as you complete your Night Defense. So much for the surprise!

Chaos in the Old Factory (25)
Survive Chaos Squad in the Old Factory District with at least 150 Chaos.
Each session of Chaos Squad consists of 6 rounds. The first 5 rounds are mini games, consisting of a main objective and 2 bonus objectives. The final round is always a Night Defense of the district the previous rounds have been taking place in (you can specify which when searching for a game).

Before each of the first 5 rounds, your party will be presented with two mini games to vote on. Each mini game will have two different modifiers that add together and are applied in the 6th round Night Defense. One always adds a certain amount of Chaos, and the other gives your team some sort of bonus.

The modifier you want to prioritize for these achievements is “Chaos”. The sum of all Chaos from the first 5 rounds needs to be at the required amount or higher (failing a round won’t add to the total). To be safe, your party should vote for the higher Chaos option every time to give you a better chance at reaching the goal. Some of this is luck-based; it’s not always possible to reach the required amount of Chaos.

Chaos will buff all of the OD in the 6th round to that percentage of normal health. Once you manage to reach the 6th round with a high enough percentage, you must also complete it without losing all of your Overdrive.

Assuming you get a well equipped and actively-killing team that are voting for maximum Chaos (keep your fingers crossed), these achievements aren’t as difficult as they seem on paper. The last few will require some vigilance – the enemies will have so much extra health that everyone will need to throw everything they’ve got at them, and be ready to fall back and defend the vats the moment a group breaks through. Keep an eye on the minimap to see where a new wave is coming from, and note that only the small, normal OD can steal from the Overdrive Vats; so don’t focus too many resources on killing the special variants. Equip amps and weapons that are effective against OD, and don’t forget to set your traps!

Chaos in Little Tokyo (25)
Survive Chaos Squad in Little Tokyo District with at least 325 Chaos.

Chaos in the Harbor District (25)
Survive Chaos Squad in the Harbor District with at least 750 Chaos.

Chaos in Downtown (25)
Survive Chaos Squad in Downtown District with at least 1625 Chaos.

Super Secret Story Mission Achievements

Don’t worry about it. These will unlock naturally as you progress through the main story missions.

Oh the Horror! (30)
Survive Horror Night.
Unlocked after completing the introductory mission. You’ll probably get Overachiever along with it.

Dusk Til Dawn (30)
Survive one night at your Fort.
Unlocked after completing “Amptastic!”

Buck National (20)
Become a reality TV star.
Unlocked after completing “Buck National vs. The Apocalypse”

Plan B (35)
Survive the glider crash and look for another way out of Sunset City.
Unlocked after completing “Up in the Air”

That Balloon (20)
You killed a balloon.
Unlocked after completing “It’s Me! Fizzie!”

Scout’s Honor (35)
Become an honorary Troop Member by finding Bryllcream and defeating Norton.
Unlocked after completing “The Fall of Emperor Norton”

Ultra Mega Kill (20)
That was a lot of pigeons.
Unlocked after completing “Tastes Like Chicken”

Save Everyone (35)
Save Sunset City from Fizzco’s second-most powerful robot.
Unlocked after completing “A Hero’s Duty”

Excalibro (20)
You forged the mythical Excalamune.
Unlocked after completing “Awesomesmithing”

This is My City Now (50)
You beat the final Fizzco corporate machine.
Unlocked after completing “This Ends Here”