What I like about Call of Duty is that it’s nice and linear. I’m not being sarcastic, I actually like that. So this guide can be organized all simple like.

You can get most of this stuff done as you play through the campaign; there are a few overarching achievements, a single set of collectibles, and mission-specific challenges. You’ll find the remaining cheevos, which are for the new Exo Co-Op mode, listed in the section below those.

Overarching Achievements

These can be completed across the entire campaign (and some in Exo Survival mode).


Carma (10)
Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them.
Certain open car doors can be torn off by pressing X. They can then be used them as a shield until you decide to throw them at nearby enemies by pressing RT. There will be a number of opportunities to do this, including near the end of the first mission, as you are on your way to recover the demo charges from the downed team.

SP Prestige (75)
Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Veteran difficulty is available from the start, and the difficulty achievements stack so you can unlock all three in one go. However, you may want to consider completing the campaign on a lower difficulty first for a few reasons.

  • You’ll have an easier time completing the mission-specific achievements.
  • You’ll get to start out with an upgraded exo.
  • To fully upgrade your exo, you may have to complete a few extra campaign missions anyway.

That said, Veteran difficulty in Advanced Warfare isn’t particularly difficult. However you decide to go, there are a few general tips to keep in mind. Play conservatively, moving from cover to cover, and regenerate health if wounded. Don’t move forward to fast – there are many areas where enemies can flank you. Make full use of all the different grenade types and exo abilities. If one way isn’t working, try a different one. Take your time.

A New Era (30)
Complete the campaign on any difficulty.

Hard Hitter (50)
Complete the campaign on Hardened difficulty.

Never Saw It Coming (15)
Boost jump, dash forward, then air stomp on an enemy.
This is much easier than it is in real life. It can be done in any mission when you are wearing the Assault Exo. The first group of enemies you engage in the fourth mission, “Fission”, is a good place to do this.

Boost jump by double tapping A, hold LS forward and click it to dash forward in the air, then click RS to quickly “stomp” downwards onto an enemy. You don’t have to land directly on them, this move actually does a small amount of splash damage and can take down multiple enemies.

Escape Artist (20)
Avoid 20 grenades by dodging with your Exo.
You can dodge by using the slightly awkward control technique of pressing down on the LS (as if to sprint) and moving left, right, or back. Your HUD will let you know a grenade is nearby with a flashing icon. Make a point of purposefully moving towards grenades until you are in their blast radius, and then dodging out once it turns red. Do this when the opportunity arises, and the achievement should pop before you’ve completed the campaign.

Otherwise, the eleventh mission, “Collapse” is a good place to get grenades thrown at you as you fight across the bridge.

Loud Enough For You? (15)
Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a sonic blast.
You can use Sonic Blast by pressing DPAD DOWN when wearing the Assault exo. It temporarily stuns enemies in a medium sized radius around you.

This is cumulative and can be farmed by restarting checkpoints. The first group of enemies you engage in the fourth mission, “Fission”, is a good place to do this.

Maximum Overdrive (20)
Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive.
You can use Overdrive by pressing DPAD UP when wearing the Specialist exo. It basically slows down time for you. F-yeah! This is cumulative, you don’t have to do it all at once, and you can farm it by restarting checkpoints. The traffic circle firefight near the beginning of the third mission, Traffic, is a good place to do this.

Genius (10)
Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade.
Smart Grenades are the first frag grenades you have access to, and are thrown with RB. They float for a moment and then track towards where you are aiming, so try to aim in the middle of a group of enemies.

The blast radius is unimpressive for this grenade type, so the enemies will have to be quite close together. There are a few potential spots to try this – one is in the first mission, after moving through a subway car you will be instructed to throw a threat grenade because the enemies are popping smoke. There will be a group of enemies that you can quickly throw a grenade as coming down the stairway. If you fail, you can select “Last Checkpoint” and start very nearby.

Threat Detected (15)
Paint 10 enemies with a single threat grenade.
Threat grenades are the default setting for your tactical variable grenade. Hold LB and press X until it reads “THREAT”.  They will paint targets red and make them visible through walls in a large radius.

A good place to get this achievement is during the sixth mission, “Manhunt”. After the sniping section you will start fighting through the streets and eventually reach a Farmer’s Market. Look for the blue sign hanging from a red and white gazebo. Toss a threat grenade down there and watch your HUD light up like it’s Christmas.

Fly Swatter (15)
Knock 25 Drones out of the sky with EMP grenades.
In the second mission you’ll be introduced to the Variable Grenade. While holding LB, press X to cycle through grenade types. The EMP grenade will explode when thrown near drones and is very effective at taking down groups of them.
The grenade range in the second mission, Atlas, is a good place to farm this.

Where Are You Going? (10)
Stop an AST with an EMP grenade.
Anagram overload! The ASTs are those heavily-armored minigun-wielding juggernauts. The EMP can be selected by holding LB and pressing X until it reads – you guessed it – “EMP”.
You first face an AST near the end of the seventh mission, “Utopia”. There are also a few near the beginning of the ninth mission, “Crash”. Just toss an EMP grenade at its feet and it will be temporarily disabled.

Ferrum Absconsum (30)
Collect all the Intel.
There are 45 pieces of intel to find, three in each of the campaign missions. They take the form of open glass laptop computers with a purple keyboard, and can be “uploaded” by holding X, after which you can safely Save and Quit. You can see the screen glowing from either side, but some may be tipped over. Here’s a nice video to follow along with. If you prefer text, expand the section below.

[expand title=”SHOW INTEL LOCATIONS” swaptitle=”HIDE”]

  • Induction
    • 01. After the drone swarm you will enter a hotel where enemies will zipline through the windows. Bear right as you go up the stairs and enter the bar/cafe area that opens up. The intel is on one of the back tables.
    • 02. After exiting the subway you will emerge onto a street corner. Ahead of you is a restaurant with a flowery sign. Go to the bar, which is at the rear of this this building, and go up the stairs here to the third level loft. The intel is on the floor by the window.
    • 03. As you approach your final objective, the Havoc Launcher, you will see an artificial waterfall. Walk underneath the waterfall, the intel is in a small room behind it.
  • Atlas
    • 04. There is an open bedroom near the door you breach to find the POTUS. The intel is between the sinks in this bedroom’s bathroom.
    • 05. After exiting the Jeep, turn to the right instead of following Gideon inside. There are two gatehouses on either side of the roadway. The intel is on a desk in the right one.
    • 06. After the grenade range you will follow Gideon into a room full of guns before getting on an elevator. There is a smaller room off to the right of this one, the intel is sitting next to the 3D plan of Camp David.
  • Traffic
    • 07. After breaching through the roof, walk through the offices on the left side of the building. The intel is on the last desk in the left corner.
    • 08. After getting cut off by an enemy vehicle, you’ll be diverted to the right and through an apartment complex. There is a courtyard in the center of it. Go up to the balcony on the left of the courtyard, and look straight ahead to see some vending machines in a room ahead. The intel is on the floor in front of the vending machines.
    • 09. After taking out the vehicle-mounted gunner in the market area, approach the wall you need to climb over, but don’t do it yet. Turn around to find the intel on the ground behind you.
  • Fission
    • 10. After dropping down the elevator shaft your team will lead you through a laboratory. Inside the lab, to your right, is a glass-walled office. The intel is on the floor of this office, behind an overturned desk.
    • 11. After going down in the cargo elevator and clearing out the room with your assault drone, walk forward and turn right to find the intel in the back between the first two large turbines.
    • 12. After reaching the control room and running to escape the power plant you will pass through a circular hatch and be out on some scaffolding. Before going down to ground level, head to the end of the scaffolding on the right to find the intel on a roll of wire.
  • Aftermath
    • 13. After falling through the floor of the school and getting separated from Gideon, walk down the first flooded hallway and turn left. The intel is sitting directly in front of you on an overturned shelving unit through the dark doorway.
    • 14. After exiting the school through a window and dropping down from the fire escape there will be a small portable building to your left. The intel is on a desk in the second section.
    • 15. After reaching the hospital and going up to the second floor you will enter a room and get flashbanged. Move forward, and stick to the left wall. You will curve back around into a room that contains the intel sitting on some cabinets next to a window.
  • Manhunt
    • 16.The intel is sitting on a bench on the balcony you control the WASP from. It can be uploaded before or after the sniper drone section.
    • 17. After the sniping section, you will begin fighting your way down the street. Before reaching the farmer’s market you will pass a red/brick colored building on your left. Go upstairs to find a room with an ammo resupply, and intel near a bed.
    • 18. After finding Torres, wounded by the sniper, head up the stairs and go straight into the jewelry store on the other side of the street (behind the van). The intel is sitting on the counter.
  • Utopia
    • 19. At the very beginning of the mission, turn around and go in the opposite direction as Gideon to find the intel behind the curved reception desk.
    • 20. After escaping the Atlas building, you’ll drop down to street level. Stay on the street and hug the left wall, you’ll eventually find an open door that leads into an internet cafe. The intel is sitting on a coffee table in the middle of it.
    • 21. After grappling the first few times you’ll reach a roof area with some enemies and moving containers. Before grappling up further, find the the wall of windows near the empty swimming pool. The intel is just inside the corner window. You’ll have to break through to upload.
  • Sentinel
    • 22. After reaching the roof and breaching into the security office you will pass the intel on a desk to your left. You have a limited amount of time in this room, so don’t doddle.
    • 23. After regrouping with Cormac you will be in Iron’s office. The intel is to the left of his desk, near some stacks of books and antique pistols.
    • 24. After rolling out from under the vehicle, Cormac will grapple up onto some shelving. Instead of following, go forward a few more steps and look to the left. On the bottom shelf (near where the sparks from the welder are landing) you’ll find the intel sitting on a crate.
  • Crash
    • 25. After touching down in the snow you will see a few large crates straight ahead of you. The intel is nestled in the middle of the farther group of them, behind the largest one.
    • 26. After falling into the ice caves, you’ll walk a short way before taking down a group of enemies. The intel is on one of the snow platforms to the right, near where one of the enemies was. Stay right and you can get close enough to double jump over the gap. If you don’t make it, you can circle back around by jumping up from the well-lit area.
    • 27. After regrouping with Gideon, head towards the wreckage of the aircraft nearby. On its right side and hidden behind a bent sheet of metal you’ll find the intel on the ground. It’s just ahead of where you pick up the stinger.
  • Bio Lab
    • 28. At the very beginning of the mission you will follow Gideon into an small, old shack. On the floor to your left is the intel. Grab it and continue running. I don’t even want to know why there was a laptop out there.
    • 29. After burning the server room you will fight forward and eventually get to a fork where you must choose to go left or right. Go right, into the room with blue signs. In the near corner of this room is the intel, sitting on some drawers.
    • 30. Just before you reach the vehicle hangar, you’ll walk across an outside catwalk, and then pass a locked room on your right. Break a window and jump in, the intel is on the back wall next to some other computers. If you miss it and reach the tank, you can still backtrack.
  • Collapse
    • 31. After exiting your vehicle, move forward until you make contact with the first group of enemies who jump up onto the trucks. You should be near a black SUV in the middle of the road with it’s doors open. The intel is on the passenger’s seat.
    • 32. At 150m away from your objective you will be near a large traffic-delay sign on the right of the bridge. Get on a vehicle and double jump up to the rear side of this sign to find the intel on the scaffolding.
    • 33. At 50m away from your objective (before reaching the helicopter) you will be near a small utility trailer parked to your left, on the walkway. The intel is sitting on the trailer.
  • Armada
    • 34. After planting the two jammers you will enter the ship through a hole blown in the side of it. Before going through the first door, turn to the right to find the intel sitting on the control panel by the windows overlooking the area you just were.
    • 35. After defeating a group of enemies including an AST, you’ll continue forward onto some open catwalks. A video will play in your HUD at this time. Instead of going straight, follow Gideon to the right and you’ll wind up next to a small room with the intel sitting on a control console.
    • 36. After the second night-vision area you will finally reach the bridge. Before using the targeting terminal, upload the intel that is sitting on the table in the middle of this room.
  • Throttle
    • 37. After ejecting from your aircraft, go forward along the river until you can’t anymore. To your left you’ll see a small billboard with benches on either side of it. The intel is sitting on the farther bench.
    • 38. Your first objective after touching down is to destroy the 3 turrets located on the enemy line. To the right of these three objectives is a tall building, and to the right of that is a large gap that you can grapple up. Climb up a few levels to reach a plaza, the intel is sitting here on one of the tables.
    • 39. After destroying the turrets you will be tasked with taking down multiple ASTs. As you move forward, you can grapple from the train-overpass to a large third-level balcony. (There is usually an AST up here). In the middle of the balcony is a bench with potted plants on either side. The intel is sitting on this bench.
  • Captured
    • 40. Shortly after getting separated from Cormac and Ilona you will enter a control room with two civilians who will back up against the wall. While Gideon talks about Manticore, you can enter a small area in this room through a sliding door to find the intel at the back on some shelves.
    • 41. After you pry open the door at the end of the laboratory, take a look to your left to find the intel sitting on some cabinets in this room. Upload it before you jump down the hatch.
    • 42. After crashing the Warbird and before entering the goliath turn around to find the intel sitting directly behind you on some overturned drawers.
  • Terminus
    • 43. After emerging from underwater inside the base, fight your way forward until you reach a doorway that leads to a well-lit hallway. Instead of turning left and continuing on, walk forward into the dark room at the end of the hall you are in now. The intel is on a desk in this room.
    • 44. After fighting through the top level of the silo and going down one flight of stairs you will pass by a glass-walled server room and pump room. The intel is in the server room, on a desk behind a stack of electrical equipment.
    • 45. After defeating the enemy ASTs Gideon will kick through a sealed door. Before following him into the vehicle tunnel, go straight into one last office to find the intel sitting on a desk around the corner.



For those of you who don’t speak Latin fluently, Ferrum Absconsum means “Iron Secrets”. You’re welcome.

History In the Making (15)
Collect over half of the Intel.

Riot Control (10)
Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone.
You can find Mobile Cover Drones in a few campaign missions, including the beginning of mission 4 “Fission”. After ziplining from the chopper, there is one straight ahead of you. They look like large riot shield barricades. Link to one and it will move with you, providing cover and painting enemies. The top of the shield drops down when you aim down your sites. You can kill a group of enemies and then select “Last Checkpoint” to quickly add to your total.

Power Changes Everything (50)
Completely upgrade your Exo.
You earn upgrade points during missions by progressing through the four Exo Challenges viewable in the pause menu. Replaying missions will count towards your progress, but replaying checkpoints will not. You earn one point each time a bar is filled, up until a maximum of…

  • 1600 Kills You’ll be close to this by the end of the campaign. You can replay the final mission, “Terminus” to get a lot of quick kills.
  • 100 Headshots Pick up accurate weapons that you can get headshots with as you play, like sniper rifles, MK14 or ARX-160.
  • 320 Grenade Kills Replaying the grenade range in the second mission, Atlas, is a good place to work on this.
  • 45 Intel Acquired See the “Ferrum Abscondum” achievement above.

Press X between missions to enter the Exo Upgrade System. There are 22 upgrades total, each costing 1 or 2 points. Some are locked until you purchase others nearby.

As you play, remember to aim for the head and utilize your grenades. If you keep the challenges in mind and collect the intel, you should be very near having a fully upgraded Exo by the end of the campaign. Otherwise follow the tips above to finish off the challenges that aren’t yet completed.

Advanced Soldier (5)
Spend your first exo upgrade point.

Second Skin (10)
Spend 10 exo upgrade points.

We Have the Technology (25)
Spend 20 exo upgrade points.

Mission Challenges

Most of the campaign missions have their own specific achievement (“Atlas” has two, “Utopia”, “Crash” and “Collapse” have none). Most can be retried by quickly selecting “Last Checkpoint” from the menu if you think you’ve failed.


Not on my Watch (10)
Prevent the walking tank from being destroyed by the Drone Swarm in “Induction.”
Shortly into the first mission you’ll engage a group of enemies and then a swarm of drones will fly out. Sprint forward and get in the turret up ahead. Begin firing on the swarms and don’t let up. You won’t overheat or run out of ammo. As soon as the system reboots, press A to release an EMP and take out the remainders. Do this fast enough and the achievement should pop.

Deadeye (10)
Score “excellent” in the shooting range in “Atlas.”
Half way through the second mission you’ll get to pick your choice of firearm and test yourself through three rounds of targets. Shoot the red ones while avoiding the blue ones. Always aim for the “head” of the targets, and remember to lead the moving targets by a small amount. Fire single shots with a weapon like the Bal-27 and reload between rounds. Use Overdrive as soon as you’re prompted. You’ll need to score 2000 or more points for “excellent”. You can retry as many times as you want.

Grenadier (10)
Score “excellent” in the grenade range in “Atlas.”
After moving on from the shooting range, you’ll receive a brief introduction to Variable Grenades. Press X while holding LB to cycle between three grenade types. Back away from the firing line and bump into it again to replenish your grenade ammo. (You can replenish gun ammo by returning to the shooting range).

  • Threat – keep human enemies painted and shoot them through walls.
  • Flash – not used on the range.
  • EMP – throw up towards groups of drones to take them out.
  • Smart Grenade – Using RB, throw one and then aim at the square targets.

You’ll need to score 1600 or more for “excellent”. The red smart-grenade targets take the longest, so prioritize them last. In fact, if you hit everything else you only need to destroy one of these square targets and can ignore the rest. You can retry as many times as you want.

Look Both Ways (10)
Kill all the KVA in the traffic section without damaging a civilian vehicle in “Traffic.”
Near the end of the third mission you will have to cross a multi-lane highway. You need to kill a group of enemies who emerge from a car in the middle, and another group on the far side, without hitting any of the passing vehicles.

A safe way to do this is to use a shotgun (like the one you spawn with) or melee, and get up close and personal, firing parallel to the highway so as to avoid missed shots hitting cars. Get down and take cover behind the cement blocks when necessary.

You can damage the blue car the first group of enemies comes out of. The achievement will pop only after jumping through the fence down to the lower highway.

Fire and Forget (10)
Kill 10 enemies with the Mobile Turret missiles in “Fission.”
After defeating the first group of enemies in the fourth mission, you’ll be prompted to enter an MD Turret. It’s basically a tank, and you can move around in it. Hold RB to paint targets. Let go and you’ll shoot missiles at them.

As you move forward you’ll have the opportunity to kill many foot soldiers on the ground, in buildings, and a few vehicles and helicopters. Keep using the missiles (not the main gun) and you should quickly get the required 10 kills.

Your Turret will be destroyed when you get about 20m from the objective in front of you, so make sure the achievement pops before then.

Wheelman (10)
Finish the hoverbike sequence without hitting walls or obstacles or taking damage in “Aftermath”
At the end of the fifth mission you will get back on your bike to make a quick escape. Using the LS for throttle and lateral movements and the RS to steer, follow Gideon as fast as you can. Be ready to restart the checkpoint if you take any damage or hear your bike smacking up against something. You’ll get a checkpoint half way through, and the achievement will pop as soon as you fly through the gate.

Sitting Ducks (10)
Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the Sniper Drone in “Manhunt.”
A short way into the sixth mission you will take control of the WASP. As soon as you can move it, left and all the way down so that you can see the four enemies on the lower ocean-side balcony. Position yourself so that the guard leaning over the railing is directly in front of the guard smoking on the far end of the balcony. The guard in the middle will occasionally lean back, this is when you take your shot.
Zoom in with LT and line your shot up so that your round passes through the front guard’s right shoulder, middle guard’s back, and the rear guard’s right leg.

Party Crasher (10)
Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in “Sentinel.”
At the start of the eighth mission “Sentinel”, you will be shown how to stealth kill with the grappling hook. You can only do this if you are in a concealed spot; on a roof or hidden in plants.

During this mission you can aim at enemies to tag and keep better track of them. You can also whistle using DPAD Right, which is useful for breaking up enemies that are close together.

After the first enemy in the tutorial, you can kill 11 more guards in the inital area before entering the security office. In the next area, skirt counter-clockwise around the edge of the area, whistling when necessary. By the time you reach the building on the far side you should be very near your goal of 20, and can get the remaining few in the area around the driveway.

Restricted Airspace (10)
EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in “Bio Lab.”
In the last section of the tenth mission you will pilot a hovertank. You can switch between the three weapon types shown at the bottom of your HUD.

  • X: Anti Personnel Missiles – Good against infantry, fire in bursts.
  • Y: Cannon – Single shot, large explosion. Good against ground vehicles.
  • B: EMP – Single shot with splash damage, good against aircraft.

Once you exit from under the canopy you’ll begin to see (or hear) a variety of aircraft flying overhead. Prioritize these airborne targets, as some of them leave quickly and you need to bring down every one. Switch to your EMP and blast them. Some may require more than one shot. You can zoom with LT, and may need to lead targets a little. The achievement should pop when you take down the final Warbird.

Man Overboard! (10)
Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in “Armada.”
After the first night-vision battle in the twelfth mission you will exit out onto a hangar deck. As soon as you can, take down the few enemies that are already here and move forward, getting into position on the water-side of the shipping containers near the deck. Shortly after arriving a helicopter will hover down and enemies will zipline out. Some of these enemies will land very near the edge of the deck – simply get close and melee one towards the water and he should fly off. Playing on an easier difficulty will allow you to survive in this exposed position without worrying as much.

Flying Ace (10)
Shoot down 10 enemies with machine guns in “Throttle.”
You’ll start the thirteenth mission in a jet. RT fires missiles and LT fires machine guns. Don’t use the missiles at all unless you have to, just stick to the guns until the achievement pops. They’re more effective at close range. You can press RS to temporarily slow yourself for ground targets, and A to boost and catch up to groups of fighters in front of you. If the achievement hasn’t popped by the time you exit the canyon, you’ll have to restart the mission.

Heavy-Handed (10)
Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in “Captured.”
During the first part of the second-to-last mission you will be unable to reload, so your only source of ammunition is picking up new weapons from fallen enemies. You don’t have to empty out the weapon’s magazine before picking up a new one – in fact, you should just stop by every dead body you come across and pick up theirs even if you haven’t fired a shot. You can also find weapons on racks in certain places, and can reload the last checkpoint without losing your progress – it will continue to add to the counter.

Exo Survival

This 4-player Co-Op mode is similar to that in MW3.


Some tips…

  • Pick your class carefully – Stay mobile with the Light Exo or soak up more damage with the Heavy Exo. A mixture of both is ideal. The Specialist Exo’s weapon selection is lacking, but it’s turret is useful.
  • Prioritize the right upgrades – You should be spending your early points on the incredibly useful “Weapon Proficiency” and “Armor” upgrades. Upgrading your class’ killstreak is also useful, since you should be using it often. Your starting weapons are just as effective as the more expensive ones, so replace your pistol and buy upgrades when you can afford them, but don’t go overboard.
  • Position yourselves – Certain maps have better spots to hunker down in, but in general you can find a spot that is inside, and funnels enemies into defensible locations. Staying together is important, make sure you’re back by the time the round starts.
  • Communicate – Use your voice to request help, make sure everyone is staying together, and decide whether or not it’s worth risking going for those bonus objectives. Sometimes staying in one place is worth taking the penalty for not completing them.
  • The Tier 2 map “Horizon” has a very good spot to defend from. Look for the ‘C’ shaped stairwell sticking out of the northwest corner of the map, and position at least one player covering each entry point. ASTs will get stuck half way through, and drones can’t reach you.

Exo Survival Veteran (10)
Play 50 Exo Survival Matches.
Given the wave-based nature of this gametype, matches can last anywhere from seconds to hours. If you enjoy Exo Survival, you will likely unlock this with time or when trying to unlock the later Tiers of maps (see “Exo Survivor”).

If you find yourself wanting to grind this out, you can start a private match (make sure it’s still an “Xbox Live” one though) and jump off a cliff or cook grenades until they kill you to quickly get through 1 “Match” at a time.

Class Warfare (10)
Play 30 minutes with each class online in Exo Survival.
There are three Exo classes that you select from at the beginning of a Survival game. Your class can also be changed mid-game from the Exo upgrade station.

  • Light – Low health, high speed. SMGs and Assault Rifles. Receives UAVs over time.
  • Heavy – High health, low speed. Pistols and Heavy Weapons. Receives Goliaths over time.
  • Specialist – Medium health, medium speed. Snipers and Shotguns. Receives Turrets over time.

The length of your match is shown once it is over, so make a mental note of how long you’ve played each class. Most games are 15+ minutes, so playing a couple of matches with each class should suffice. This is cumulative, you don’t have to do it all at once. The achievement will unlock at the end of the match you reach your goal in (after you all die).

Note: You must be playing online in an Xbox Live match (it can still be a private one). Offline or local matches will not count towards this achievement.

Exo Flip (10)
“Flip” a map.
This should unlock after completing round 25 for the first time. At this point you will “Flip” the map, and the enemies will become tougher. The rounds reset and will be displayed with a superscript, starting with round 12.

If you are having trouble getting this far, try to hole up and ignore the objectives that require you to leave your defensive position. You will incur a penalty, (like smoke bombs, system hack or pistols only) but you likely won’t fail from it.

Flip Flop (30)
“Flip” a map twice.
This achievement is for completing 50 rounds in one game. (You will have reached round 13.) Take a look at the tips above for more help.

Exo Survivor (10)
Successfully complete the Exo Survival Bonus Wave.
There are 4 tiers of Survival maps. Each consecutive Tier is unlocked by completing rounds in maps from the previous Tier. You can view all the maps and requirements in Exo Survival > Xbox Live > Private Match > Game Setup > Maps.

If you are playing in a private match, you’ll be able to select a map in the tier you need to make progress on. If playing on Xbox Live, you’ll have to vote and hope for the best.

To unlock this achievement, at least one player in your party will have to have unlocked the tier 4 map “Riot”. Progress through 10 rounds and then complete the bonus wave, which is round 11.

After progressing through round 10 (which shouldn’t be too difficult by now) a chemical weapon will be released. You’ll be stripped down to just a pistol but will be able to find a few other weapons that can be picked up around the map. This round is quite short. Stay on the move and communicate so you don’t get cornered or overrun. Eventually you will be given a waypoint to escape through the elevator in the central area of the prison.

Don’t Worry About It

These achievements will unlock as you progress through the campaign.

Seoul Mates (25)
Complete “Induction.”

Welcome to Atlas (25)
Complete “Atlas.”

Life in the Fast Lane (25)
Complete “Traffic.”

Radioactive (20)
Complete “Fission.”

Motor City (25)
Complete “Aftermath.”

Born to Die (20)
Complete “Manhunt.”

Betrayal (30)
Complete “Utopia.”

Crates on a Plane (30)
Complete “Sentinel.”

The Destroyer Returns (30)
Complete “Crash.”

Irons in the Fire (30)
Complete “Bio Lab.”

GG (30)
Complete “Collapse.”

Wrath of Atlas (30)
Complete “Armada.”

Manticore Unleashed (30)
Complete “Throttle.”

The Wheat from the Chaff (30)
Complete “Captured.”